Friday, July 26, 2013


Sacrifice is a thing you do to make everything better in your world. Today I had the opportunity to reflect on a great many things. My temporary worries were greatly relieved when my biggest supports, my children - my family cheered for the very small step I made to ensure that things will continue to improve for a great many people, including ourselves.

I constantly put my family first to best position us all for a better future. The school of hard knocks is not the class I recommend, but it is the school that teaches you hard lessons that you need to remember. Important lessons.

I was greatly renewed with vision and idea's after today. Ideals that people without families tend to forget. Sacrifice is needed. But no one needs to suffer. You need to be your best every day. Something I pride myself on trying to do and be.

I think I have the right items in place for now. Next is the greater good. I know I can effectively influence change from the place I'm at right now. Perhaps in 12 to 24 months that will change. I have grand visions that might better elevate this guy... as lowly as he may be... Me... TIme will tell how this will all work out for me.

I look forward to some even greater improvements soon.

- Enjoy

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