Thursday, July 04, 2013

Another RPG...what...

My game group has become pretty rabid consumers of the game I'm running. They contribute a ton. They consume a ton. They are already closing in on 4rth  level as of this writing in just 5 game sessions totallying 8 hours.

Social skills and co-operation is improving, the math skills are improving and most important of all, they rug rats that they are ... Each and every one is having a ton of fun letting their imagination fly free.

The important things in our game is fun... Ignore Alignment limitations, Never say no - we say roll the dice. Then we play a very open cross genre game that impulses things like super heroes, knights, dragons, robots supernatural, ninjas, super tanks and space ships and more!

It has been a fun experience to bond with people in this way.

- Enjoy!

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