Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project update

Project update.

Dear investors and partners,

Thank you for all your hard work to date. I have promised to keep everyone informed of progress on this crazy little venture.

In October I had requested investors to purchase bonds from the 14u in hope of generating funding for project.

This has been successful.

I have arranged several talented people to join the 14u Cause to do what we all love, for the love of creating, and being creative.

This has been Successful.

So it is with pleasure that I announce that our advertising efforts alone has generated enough funding to return the full 5% return of funds to each and every one of you.
Thank you for your support and participation in this.

Moving forward I would like to remind everyone that challenges still exist and I thank every one for every thing they have done. With any venture the hiccups do slow things down and one very big one has happened.

The first book will be delayed. This is not a good thing even if investors get a full return on the funds they have provided. This means that we not have to face upset customers.
In an ongoing effort to meet this issue head one I have promised a preview of a printed proof version once it arrives.

This is something I have to address and improve upon to get book sales.
Ever the optimist on fun creative projects I have continued forward and would like to announce three new members to the 14u team on a Volunteer part time basis.

RBK- Keith Brown - writer
Paul Collins – Expert designer
Richard Barkman – Creator and Artist

They have offered more help then I can ever give credit too, to see this venture through to the next project.

I would also like to give further recognition to my quite editors.
Calvin Tyndall, Jim Butler and the rest of the team who have been grinding away to keep this idea moving forward, and helping me with spending (the fun part) and saving (The stingy boring part).

To every ones credit and effort Thank you. I look forward to handing out your investment returns or books and having you support us in the future.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy NY

Just to be media cool I wanted to copy the lazy monograms used recently.

So Happy New Year, Get your copy of the new digital downloads here...