Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Decide to doodle.

I made the choice to pick up the pencil after many weeks to attack a page... Well this is what happened.
My mind is uneasy and may hands idle no longer. ~ Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Adventureing News - Share!

I created Adventuring News as a pseudo media outlet to share fictional content on RPG worlds I play in. More importantly, the publication serves as a plot twist for those players and DM /GM looking to deviate from the regular game sessions they are playing in to explore more of the world around them with the added bits of information I provide in the publication. It is a ton of work to produce. The joy of sharing idea's is what drives this project. I'd love to create a book out of it too. If you have an idea for a character or world landscape or other thing to add, please let me know if you want to share. I'll see if I can produce a free version for you and your game group. Until then have fun, game on. ~ Enjoy!

Monday, May 08, 2017

Job Interviews

Strangely enough my last few interviews felt more like a dating, mating match then a search for any prospecting employer. Can we please have some men on these hiring boards? What happened to the guys looking to make a living? Are they all at home like I am. Why are men being forced out of the work force? Do I really have to sleep my way into a position of employment? The world is taking a strange turn. For the record - I have no money so that is why I'm looking for work. To the employers out there, Let us stick to the job. That is all I want. ~Enjoy!