Friday, September 28, 2012

New business oppertunities

I've spent the last few days exploring a few option on the business front. If I get the replies that I want then things might be a bit more busy then I intended. Until then, feel free to contact me for web, or paper design products. I know people that can really make things happen.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Write Signs

Wow what a great little company lead by a Classy Hard working Guy. Check out his site and visit his shop if you need a store front or in store sign. I'll be the first to say you get what you pay for and it is well worth the price, it is always a good result. If your going some place else your not going to the right place. Only!

A huge weight lifted...

ALMOST.... I have never had so many issue fall on one person so quickly. I feel happy to be leaving. I feel happy to almost have everything resolved. I hope that the next week is the finally of everything. I need to have all things closed so I can move forward in a positive manner. My stress was created by others, not me. If I knew the nightmare would be so dramatic I never would have taken this position. I thought I had 12 months, not 6... I literally only had 4 and a half months. My best was very impressive... Just not enough. I do get lots of praise, but it was still not enough.... nothing was enough. I pushed hard and still not enough... I wonder why people wait so long to make important changes in their lives... I can't wait that long.... I don't have the luxury... I only have a future to look forward to... I leave losing but a better person for it... I beat the odds and it was not enough. Maybe next time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

more problems....

Ever get the feeling that you have to triple check everything?! Well this weekend I did. I have to go and cal Canada Revenue Agency to make sure my employer is remitting taxes and that paper work is properly filed. Then I might have to take him to court! I also need to get my paper work ready for Employment standards because he failed to give me a proper payroll form in the 6 months I have been employed with him... Why is this such a night mare. Well I do know that answer... He (Employer)feels he is entitled to everything and needs to be reminded that this is a democratic country... Your going to have to play by the local rules not your own. We can do things the easy way or I'll see you in court (The hard way). The choice is all his. I'm just happy that the end is in sight. Now to finish my paper work.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

$1000 dollar day...

I did enough work today to earn a minimum of $1000 cold hard ones. Yes I did... Thing is shit don't work!!!!! No matter how hard I try and push the gear is failing left right and center. The customers love me and my work. The customers love my colleague. They don't love when stuff is not completed on time because the machine crashed yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes this is where I say "FUUUUUUUUU----------KKKKK! Well the $1000 dollar potential day then turns into a $20 day and the customers have to wait. They wait because they have no choice. The machines are shit!!!!!! Needless to say I continue to bend over backwards to make money and the stuff keeps on breaking down and clients love to hang with us. So we end up with clients, hangout, mingling and networking and we try to keep them all happy as we plug away. All for $20 because the machines crashed and we can't do any damn thing about it! Crazy world. I love it... Life is sending me a message. It is not me, it is the world I'm in...time to get out! Thanks for the message world! I needed that sign. -Enjoy everyone.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I had all I can handle...

Warning *** Rant alert*** Warning *** Rant alert*** Warning *** Rant alert*** Man oh man, some times life gets out of hand and your stuck with the problems others create. I've done every thing I can do. I try to stay very specialized. I try to stay fresh and always try to keep a positive out look. But don't keep playing me for a sucker. Enough is enough... You made your bed now you lie in it! I'm sick and tired of making your bed and you keep messing it up. That's right you need to clean your own room from now on. You don't pay me enough to deal with your issues... issues that never should have existed in the first place.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

goblin in your soap!?!!!

I always wondered what it would be like to know how raw materials might look when forced into semi-finished processed goods. Well I made a trip to a very fragrant shops with a ton of soaps and balms and such filled with materials that looked to raw to be useable in a finished product. Apparently that is the hip new thing for granola and beauty experts. Well I decided to go a bit comedic and gross and then decided on a comic type of character. So many ideas came up fro this concept that I just had to stop... I mean it was just a warm up to get the juices flowing... Not to become an entire project.

Monday, September 03, 2012

tech conflict....

Sometimes things happen that slow the whole process down... I wish I had all the answers, but even if I did... One person can't do it all. Time for others to pull up there socks and get at it.

Need a Designer - A graphic designer that is....

I hear this guy is pretty good. You can have a simple, elegant or complex technical look with this guy on your team. His card is full of great Canadian appeal too. Those living in Ottawa will likely recognize the color scheme on his card too.