Sunday, September 16, 2012

more problems....

Ever get the feeling that you have to triple check everything?! Well this weekend I did. I have to go and cal Canada Revenue Agency to make sure my employer is remitting taxes and that paper work is properly filed. Then I might have to take him to court! I also need to get my paper work ready for Employment standards because he failed to give me a proper payroll form in the 6 months I have been employed with him... Why is this such a night mare. Well I do know that answer... He (Employer)feels he is entitled to everything and needs to be reminded that this is a democratic country... Your going to have to play by the local rules not your own. We can do things the easy way or I'll see you in court (The hard way). The choice is all his. I'm just happy that the end is in sight. Now to finish my paper work.

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