Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finished Skull Porfolio

Like I said this one was getting pretty extreme, so instead of using a fabric interior finish, I simply glued down black construction paper. To make it more functional I recycled duo-tang clips so that pages don't fly around. Though I could have simply used an elastic band system to hold things in, I added small holes to give more options and keep the costs way down.

A more price extensive version would have been to use wood and cloth. More durable too! I only wanted a display piece for this one. Just get the idea across and creep a few folks out. I did finish this with a clear coat, which is why your seeing a sheen that was not really there in the previous photos. The previous photos were taken when the paint was still wet.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Custom Covers - Cool!

These are custom covers I've created over the last few weeks. They are relief sculptures one being on a duo-tang for my sons book report which scored a whooping 98%. I'm sure the cover helped. The second with the SKULL!!!!!!!!!! A fun project for a darker theme. It is a custom made portfolio built for 8.5x11 size paper... It is retro fitted with recycled Duo-tang clips though they can be removed for other clips too!

Just fun art for arts sake though I have had requests to do more I have to say that these are going to cost $300-$2,700 dollars for me to create each. Pretty cheap for a functional piece though they are meant for display purposes or stage props then actual every day use. The two seen here are $300 for the bearded man which is Not for sale as it belongs to my son. The second (with the Skull) is currently still under construction. But is looking like $500-$700 depending on how long the second process of interior finishing takes.

For those interested in seeing the real deal, feel free to swing by my place or order your own by request.

- Enjoy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Illustration...

This was a crazy adventure... Mob Boss - Leprechaun .... You have to be lucky, not to get killed, not to get hurt, not to get robbed... I figured the perfect fusion would be an Irish Mob Boss meld into this final...

2 weeks of filling out suits and body types and I figured not only is he lucky, he is very comfortable, lets fatten him up. Then I wanted the Italian features of a round or blocked head with a distinguished beard that took the Irish to a new level. The suit is a bit shiny to reflect the sharp glowing style of the mob. I little bling in the ear, nose and hand. Then I made the Shelagh (Snake beating stick) a silver color to top it off.

I did try bowler hats but it was to New York and hid the good features, I tried a south American style hats too... No it did not do the guy justice. I had a full suit version but that was to stiff for an easy going Irishman. You might notice the small homage to the Archie Comics, the hatching on the side of the head. I wanted to do a bit more with the color though this is pretty darn close to what I wanted... Feel free to comment.

- Enjoy and thanks for all your support folks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Messing around with some ideas.

Jeeper... Not a word - but spoonerism is. I love that word. It might just be my number one of all time... That leads me to the next illustration I'm knocking around. Something a little mob like with a twist... Oh I can't wait to nail the concept and put it together for viewing goodness.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yes I'll be there!
I've arranged to be the GM for the Palladium game settinghttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif. If you have never played Rifts, this is your chance to get a taste. I'll be bringing loads of little extras should the game be pushed forward. More information can be found at the following sites....

You can find more here as well....


If you want to try the Pen and Pencil gaming, bring your dice and a good pencil! Don't forget to register soon! Ask for it by name and maybe we'll get prime seating and placement.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Better post...

Here is the published piece slightly larger, based on the short story Meridian by Tony Peak... read it here....

Some times I wish bad news was like lightning... only one in 14 million... The reality is only good news seems to come like lightning.


This illustration is perfect for my mood.... Yes, Hung by questions and with a rocket hitting my head....Yes an expletive fits well here.
I need to post something more positive. I'll do that next.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I just finished a very intense test... I hope I'm considered though it was a tough challenge to juggle all the aspects of the test. I hope I was accurate enough to be given another look over.

I also noticed I was the only male in the room...I'm not complaining though it would have been nice to not feel like the bait in the room.

It would be a cool experience if I was considered for another step forward.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A bit of published work...

I had to do a ton of research and squeeze this work under the deadline. The story is great and coming up with a visual interpretation was a challenge. I think I nailed it. If there was more time I would have explored the steam lamps a bit more as they seemed like a really awesome concept to the story and the world as a whole. I was impressed with my rendition as I tried to capture the effect of a lighthouse in fog where light radiates only a short distance from the steam vapors. The characters are also pretty complex in their look. If this was to be a feature film a few hundred drawings or paintings would have been made for each character. let alone the number I pushed out in 20+ hours in this piece... here is the post I received... Enjoy!

As part of our effort to bring the community of writers and readers closer together, we will begin sending out a newsletter to keep everyone informed of updates and changes to the website, new publications, and contributor successes. Today I would like to announce that NewMyths' 15th quarterly issue is ready for you to view featuring wonderful original artwork from Richard Grzela based on the short story Meridian by Tony Peak, read it here....