Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I would love to do a life drawing of you. Unfortunately I'm to busy living life.
As much as I enjoy rendering a photo realism type of work, I can save us all a bunch of time. (AND MONEY) Please go to the store and buy your self a disposable camera. Place it in the hands of a friend. Smile - we may only get one good shot out of this thing....WA LA - A dashing likeness.

For a total of $30 dollars and ten minutes you become a master piece.

Now if I do it....6 hours of our collective time. chatting, sketching, Rendering... Snack and bath room breaks. Uncomfortable silence. And long lasting muscle cramping positions to try.
You lose $300+ dollars, Supply costs, food costs. And worst of all...You may discover that I truly am a temperamental artist that requires mood to create.

Ultimately - The last thing I want is to dis-enfranchise my fans. SO please enjoy the work. Never, ever, again ask for a portrait sketch of any thing real life.

You are far to perfect for me to emulate at any rate.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

BLog Marketing

This is the future of venting - I mean marketing...Does it really work though? I think it does. All need is the drive to put your self out there in the big wide space and hope that every one loves your stuff. I like most stuff posted now a days.

The web may still be new in terms of standards and management. But ultimately the big dollars will harness the chaos and make it one bland system for all to fall into. Blogs are a great easy to use tool that offer more then you can dream of in space and time saving structure.

Unfortunately it is also a system of giving into the man....The man that runs the blog that is.
Hey that is fine by me. I just want a chance to share some great art and idea's. If I have to bend a little to do that -OK. Besides being creative can be academic and healthy if structures. Breaking the mold can also be breaking the security of constancy and safety. That too is an illusion, (Safety) But art and blogs allow us that freedom to explore non-the less.

Does Blog marketing work...Yes.
How? As a network of shared space with the common goal to communicate.
Why? Because we all feel we have a voice that need to be shared in some way.


I'm not sure if this is a word that reflects the impending meeting you will have with lawyers. But I will say that if some one requests, (All be it forcefully) that you stop doing something...You really should. Secondly if you sign some thing that says you are going to stop, and don't. It is very likely that you will be dealing with a law suit.

(Law man in a suit?)

So what does this have to do with art?

Simple really. Freedom of speech. At which point does a person lose the right to express themselves if they truly believe (in principle) they are right. Is a pissing match in the courts the best way to solve these issues? I think not. It takes two people for a conflict to exist. Of the two only one can be right. In some cases there are percentages of correctness. However this display of chest bashing leads to a show of power and intimidation which may not entirely end said dispute.

This leads to the quest of...Do you as an individual really want to waste 5+ years of your life with countless interruptions while this issues hits the fan, Only to be over turned in the courts of higher power to be relived again.

(Suit or claim filed by the Law giver?)

By the way....Only the Lawyers make money during the pissing match. So it would be better to just agree to disagree.

Till then...Keep you eyes peeled and the art flowing.

(A well Dressed LAW or set of rules?)

(All ideas defining this word still brings a chill to my spine.)

Friday, March 16, 2007

New postings

Le Grand Vrac

Are two new links added for those looking for more great art. I love the visual stuff. I hope that More comes down the pipe by these two as it truly rocks in another style all together.

Friday, March 09, 2007

last few images

Some more visual bits

Now all the art

With life back to some semblance of what most call normal..... here is the long awaited picks for you all. Paintings I have done over the last years and images for the fun of it.

The crazyness was the passing of our dogs....

I would like to say they have gone to a better place....But they were treated like royalty with us. They are missed. This is but a small tribute to the love they shared with us. God Speed-thanks!

Friday, March 02, 2007

New Links

Due to the crazy-ness of life I again have failed to upload images.....So to give to the blog fans that read my stuff....Bertha, Mr.Walker, Mr.Roode, and Other dear friends I have failed to mention here. Please accept my Offering of these great links.