Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I would love to do a life drawing of you. Unfortunately I'm to busy living life.
As much as I enjoy rendering a photo realism type of work, I can save us all a bunch of time. (AND MONEY) Please go to the store and buy your self a disposable camera. Place it in the hands of a friend. Smile - we may only get one good shot out of this thing....WA LA - A dashing likeness.

For a total of $30 dollars and ten minutes you become a master piece.

Now if I do it....6 hours of our collective time. chatting, sketching, Rendering... Snack and bath room breaks. Uncomfortable silence. And long lasting muscle cramping positions to try.
You lose $300+ dollars, Supply costs, food costs. And worst of all...You may discover that I truly am a temperamental artist that requires mood to create.

Ultimately - The last thing I want is to dis-enfranchise my fans. SO please enjoy the work. Never, ever, again ask for a portrait sketch of any thing real life.

You are far to perfect for me to emulate at any rate.

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