Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Adventureing News - Share!

I created Adventuring News as a pseudo media outlet to share fictional content on RPG worlds I play in. More importantly, the publication serves as a plot twist for those players and DM /GM looking to deviate from the regular game sessions they are playing in to explore more of the world around them with the added bits of information I provide in the publication. It is a ton of work to produce. The joy of sharing idea's is what drives this project. I'd love to create a book out of it too. If you have an idea for a character or world landscape or other thing to add, please let me know if you want to share. I'll see if I can produce a free version for you and your game group. Until then have fun, game on. ~ Enjoy!

Monday, May 08, 2017

Job Interviews

Strangely enough my last few interviews felt more like a dating, mating match then a search for any prospecting employer. Can we please have some men on these hiring boards? What happened to the guys looking to make a living? Are they all at home like I am. Why are men being forced out of the work force? Do I really have to sleep my way into a position of employment? The world is taking a strange turn. For the record - I have no money so that is why I'm looking for work. To the employers out there, Let us stick to the job. That is all I want. ~Enjoy!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Need a Dungeon - Me too!

You can download a Dungeon I created for giggles, then had the insanity to submit it to some contest. Like everything I do, this was another shot in the dark. I never know how it will be received but at least I'm keeping my imagination busy. ~Enjoy!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Adventureing NEWS

Over the last several weeks I've been putting together a collection of Flyer, newspaper type side quest ideas into single page publication for players to read while the GM/DM preps for the game session. Feedback has been great. Now I'll post the free works here. I hope to have several more completed in the future fr you to enjoy at no cost. If a book is made then a cost will be applied. Since these are just samples, you only get the final complete edition in a book now in progress.
or ~ Enjoy!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Babkka has Risen and is Finished.

To the good people in Poland who gave us this Easter treat from history - Thanks for helping us have a great Easter today. I look forward to this on Sunday! -Enjoy!

Babkka Rising!

Rare Easter treat from Poland - Babkka. I miss being a kid. Here is a wholesome way to remember family and old times. Babkka Rising! ~ ENjoy!

Zombie Hat-Done!

It took 3 months to plan the sculpture and figure out how to attach it to the hat. Materials had to work and be pretty durable for display and wear. The final result, crazy hat day item created. Good for many occasions. Easter, All Hallows eve and even crazy hat day. I'm happy with the result. I know I can do so much more but it was suppose to be a fun thing, not overly scary. Suitable for many audiences and be allowed a work. A bleeding corpse head might be cool but pushing acceptable boundaries of work places. ~ Enjoy!