Sunday, May 27, 2007

Book Stuff Growing

Yes I am busy...The book cover is almost complete as well. It's not a beautiful piece, in fact it is abstract symbolism elements leave much to the imagination. I hope to have it posted here soon as it progresses. It leave an emotional impact but has little true art value in that you have to read the book to full understand what it may be relating to. The elements on the cover are boldly stated as to what they are in one of the stories and is a direct reference to the fictional world that is contained with in the stories or stories.

It is going to be a must read piece. I have enjoyed putting it together. So that enjoyment is seen in many of the stories. I find when most stories are inspired they tend to be better reads. Even the harry potter stuff - Which was awesome as the first two books were realeased and the last two felt a bit commercial. They only had new elements that kept me interested. I hope the last book is as good as the first two. The middle few were more or less world development books that kind of added the cream to the sugar. The though kind of lost me. I hope this last one pulls it back to where the story should be.

That is the reason why I wanted to keep all my stories short. Quality stories that ran you through the lives of several characters that other authors could grab and further develpoe if they so wanted. The book is great and really has me pump.

I also have another illustrated story page to add here soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

As I said - things are going well

Here are preview pages of the illustrated portion of the short story book I am putting together.
Of course these each represent one of the three finished stories so far.

The badger and the bear

Smudge and Jot

The darkness

Each story will be black and white and will be further edited digitally to better fit the book and also to clean it up a little. I want to keep my fans happy.

Feel free to down load and promote the work as it will all be available soon for you to purchase.

I am working for promotional piece as well for other publications. Hopefully you will get to see them first here.

Some of the short stories are ready for purchase at my book site as individual downloads.

Hey - Yo - Can't see me.

I'm finishing with a bunch more short stories for the book coming soon. Things are progressing well so I hope to have a few more posts on that out soon.


Awesome...The reason why I stay in the city I'm in is for the mountains. The ability to be surrounded by such an awesome force of natural structures is breath taking. Probably the only other view I would trade it for is a similar commute to the Ocean. Unfortunately the Tsunami problems lately have turned me off some what.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wow - Some times you don't have to try!

Well Working is not a problem...Getting along with people is not a problem. Must be the work. Corporate culture should be straight forward. Smile - Do your job - Get paid.

If every one s reasonable it all works out wonderfully. I do my best to give you what you want. You take it and do with it as you will. We live a long happy life.

It's funny how people come into your life and leave it, and each one give you more then you can ever take. I have learned some very important rules. One of them is Women really are trouble. Both in work and in your personal life. My wife is a rare one who actually works with people, instead of being a diva cow. It's nice to see that I found a great lady with her head on right.

Women as customers are more trouble then men as well.

Don't get me wrong...Heck I love women, I married one that worked out great for me. I just can't help but wonder why they are experts at every thing. They are better at sales, child birth and birth control - more then I could list here.

It's just the complaining that often follows when you engage them an any level. Men just seem to have a better sense of humor about it all. I guess as a man we kind of have to. It's a predetermined sate of things that both parties are always ready for.

Well back to art.