Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wow - Some times you don't have to try!

Well Working is not a problem...Getting along with people is not a problem. Must be the work. Corporate culture should be straight forward. Smile - Do your job - Get paid.

If every one s reasonable it all works out wonderfully. I do my best to give you what you want. You take it and do with it as you will. We live a long happy life.

It's funny how people come into your life and leave it, and each one give you more then you can ever take. I have learned some very important rules. One of them is Women really are trouble. Both in work and in your personal life. My wife is a rare one who actually works with people, instead of being a diva cow. It's nice to see that I found a great lady with her head on right.

Women as customers are more trouble then men as well.

Don't get me wrong...Heck I love women, I married one that worked out great for me. I just can't help but wonder why they are experts at every thing. They are better at sales, child birth and birth control - more then I could list here.

It's just the complaining that often follows when you engage them an any level. Men just seem to have a better sense of humor about it all. I guess as a man we kind of have to. It's a predetermined sate of things that both parties are always ready for.

Well back to art.

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