Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Time for some changes and movement in a new direction...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Best holiday ever....

I think this is turning out to be the best holiday ever!

Lots of creative stuff, like a small anthology I'm putting together, a collaboration which has very neat characters and idea's flying around them... Can't wait to see more happen on that front, and I had a chance to gather all the parents and in-laws... One of the best parts of the holidays. To top it all off I have a job interview!

Life feels pretty good right now.
I hope everyone has a great holiday too.
Oh I would love to share more but really, it might sound like bragging. So I'll keep this post it to the important stuff, like spending time with the close family as mentioned above. It just nice knowing you have loved ones that care. That makes the season the only reason to celebrate... At least for me. I truly don't need all the extra crap. But just being invited to hang out is a pretty special thing. As economics become more difficult that fact that people invite to a dinner is pretty huge and special.

Thank you everyone for making my holiday that much better. Just knowing you all makes it better. Your generosity, and genuine affection makes this season a real thrill.

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plugging away...

Here is a character for a new project... Still not really sound as far as integrating a character into a story. But it is something that I want to see evolve. That being said a collaborator has jumped on board. I need to see what we come up with if anything.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

future south american devil type...

I thought it would be interesting to devise a look for a future looking devil. Funny really, the irony of people creating there own demons and yet I just did that very thing.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The line is Drawn...

I decided to contact the person I thought who should win the line is drawn.
After all I think that is a pretty classy thing to do. I hope it happens for them, I will say though that it is not a competition if everyone backs down and the person wins by acclimation.

No a competition is in place to push people to the higher level. There is some pretty amazing stuff happening though... I hope to see one more week in action.

The Line is drawn...

I wanted to do a sketch a week for this little competition... Just to warm up and get ideas flowing. Here is the link to the work others have been doing....


I mean a few are full color and just amazing in detail. I almost wonder how they did it. I for one thing if people can deliver that much detail and color the work every week they should be selected. Unfortunately I suspect that they are not with family... That is to say they are young, UN-married with no children. The rest of us simply put in a great effort. There is one artist that should get one position for sure by my thoughts, though I do not want to influence the voting. I think I would make a good alternate though. I've seen awesome work but a second place person will be a challenge to pick. A first place is a slam dunk. Some one is in for sure unless they completely stink at the deadlines or ruin the style they have presented.... Time will tell how this all works out.

Over all- everyone put in a huge effort and this was pretty great to watch and be a part of. I loved every week seeing what people put forth. Lets not forget the great idea's from the fans too! The suggestions were simply awesome.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

unlikely team ups...

I thought I would do an image a week just to further my complicated life. It turns out to be far easier then an image every single day and still difficult to manage. At any rate I thought I would try out for the position of TLID. They are looking for regular talent and the skill and talent is out of this world too. I thought that I would be destroyed. Yet I managed to get a not one but two pieces in on time and they are all strong enough to hold their own. Mind you other people get the big props simply because they are doing full body shots and I'm just doing these vignette type of illustrations just to make the deadlines.... I wish I could do more but hey, wait and see what happens. I could win a position as an alternate. That would be good. Less pressure to deliver too.