Friday, December 23, 2011

Best holiday ever....

I think this is turning out to be the best holiday ever!

Lots of creative stuff, like a small anthology I'm putting together, a collaboration which has very neat characters and idea's flying around them... Can't wait to see more happen on that front, and I had a chance to gather all the parents and in-laws... One of the best parts of the holidays. To top it all off I have a job interview!

Life feels pretty good right now.
I hope everyone has a great holiday too.
Oh I would love to share more but really, it might sound like bragging. So I'll keep this post it to the important stuff, like spending time with the close family as mentioned above. It just nice knowing you have loved ones that care. That makes the season the only reason to celebrate... At least for me. I truly don't need all the extra crap. But just being invited to hang out is a pretty special thing. As economics become more difficult that fact that people invite to a dinner is pretty huge and special.

Thank you everyone for making my holiday that much better. Just knowing you all makes it better. Your generosity, and genuine affection makes this season a real thrill.

Merry Christmas!!!

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