Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Line is drawn...

I wanted to do a sketch a week for this little competition... Just to warm up and get ideas flowing. Here is the link to the work others have been doing....


I mean a few are full color and just amazing in detail. I almost wonder how they did it. I for one thing if people can deliver that much detail and color the work every week they should be selected. Unfortunately I suspect that they are not with family... That is to say they are young, UN-married with no children. The rest of us simply put in a great effort. There is one artist that should get one position for sure by my thoughts, though I do not want to influence the voting. I think I would make a good alternate though. I've seen awesome work but a second place person will be a challenge to pick. A first place is a slam dunk. Some one is in for sure unless they completely stink at the deadlines or ruin the style they have presented.... Time will tell how this all works out.

Over all- everyone put in a huge effort and this was pretty great to watch and be a part of. I loved every week seeing what people put forth. Lets not forget the great idea's from the fans too! The suggestions were simply awesome.

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