Thursday, January 31, 2013

Many doodles

I think I need a break from the sketch book.
This is the last post for a bit. I've jumped on the Magic the Gathering Pre-Release band wagon. Keeping busy with seal strategies and trying to figure out the best combo with cards I might draw. The problem is the packs are sealed and you never know what you will draw. Why do I have time to do this??? Simply because I don't have a full time job. My family is my job and that is what I work for. Any cash I stumble upon then goes back into the whole game habit, Magic the Gathering. If I owned a playstation I would not be buying cards. I'd be playing on the computer or playstation.

But your really here for the sketch page. Without further ado, the cartoon doodles of the day.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

-40 C - - - Bloodly Wind Chill

Yesterday the weather report stated -32 C with wind chill. Well my thermometer must have been directly in the face of the wind because it was sitting at -40 C. It has been cold enough to freeze the thermometer at times too. I was able to grab a hand full of snow and bring it in the house and have it sit on the table for 10 minutes at a time too. That is cold. Yesterday did inspire even more... A page of snow flake art and sketches. I never realized how many potential patterns there were.

I had to do research on the snow flake. I learned that there are at least 35 categories that the crystals fall into. So my sketches really don't cover all the possible outcomes. Still you might want to do an in depth look at all the crystal forms that you might encounter. Visually impressive stuff... imagine clothing with those patterns reflecting the sheen of the flake.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Story Thumbs

Often I get an idea that need to be laid out. Not a whole tale just a fragment that needs to be developed further into a comprehensive story. This sketch page pieces together a story that will never get done. The characters are to complex in my mind and the story is jumping from one place to another. It would make a great novel. It reminds me of the Shannara story series.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lucky - Maybe

I found a Dime on the street yesterday. It became the inspiration of things I wish I could buy. Food, clothing for animals, alien toys, oh the places my mind took me too. The foot notes were added after. My mind drifts from subject to subject based on any given moment or what is on the Radio or TV while I doodle.

I never know what is going to hit the page. Every time I put the pen down a new thing changes or comes out. It is pretty amazing that the pages ever have any continuity. Basically it is all experimentation with form.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Bit Busy, A Bit Crazy

Argh... Recovering from a 24 day and a magic pre-release. I still found time for a bit of paper model development. Here are picks. Some would say I'm insane. Others would think of me a as driven. I just need to keep busy. Being unemployed is really leaving me with few things to do and little cash to do it with. This pushes my creativity to new, green recycling ways.

Friday, January 25, 2013

a day of sketching

I spent the day purging idea's... well not all day. I did have to go to an interview but here is the result of the day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

rough sketches from the book

Ball point pen and sitting around leads to strange little doodles. Life and creatures... Weird.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sketch page

Here is a sketch page where I play and mess around with ideas and textures. This one is very fun and draws you in. Though it is amateurish it was completed in 5 minutes with white paint and black ink. The effect is very dramatic.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here is a texture filled sketch. It lacks a bit of symmetry. Though that was done on purpose to direct the eye in a direction to the right. Alone as it is - it truly looks pretty wonky. Still the idea was to fill the space with color and texture to define the form a bit more. I like what happened with ink, water color and colored pencil.

Amazing things happen when you play. Old lessons are re-learned or remembered. This was a fun doodle. I'll have to show what whole pages look like in my sketch books next.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Eyeball Thing

Keeping in the theme of strange sketch items. This one you'll recognize immediately.

I do plan on trying something different. I'm doing layers of watercolor and pencil crayon and ink. I'm also finishing sketches with acrylic paint. I'll show another small piece soon. It will not be a body part from some human anatomy text.

I can tell you cant wait to see more.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Foot Stink....

This was a fun illustration that fell into my sketch book after a session of doodling. Inspired by smelly feet.

It was a small piece that I zoomed in on for this grand pic. It makes me chuckle. I'm not sure why the ankle turned out the way it is. I can't help think it looks like another body part.

This is all traditional media. You can see the vast difference between the digital and traditional. I really do like the traditional material when it comes to art and creating.


It is Friday!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The last post was a little hasty. In an effort to make this one more readable, I added less text and more image. It is pretty amazing how different my traditional work is from the digital. I really like the textures I get from traditional media. I simply find digital media to be very sanitized. I find it hard to ignore it and respect the medium far to much to be really successful with it. Traditional media is very imperfect and begs to be played and pushed and molded. I need to get my head around the differences and learn to try and mold the digital aspect more.

Let me present to you my Lumox.

I'm not sure why I feel this way today. This picture reflects not only my mood but over all feeling to this new year already. I was hoping for some real change... Guess it was not meant to be.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Oh the Internet has me posting strange things today. The first is the reflection of the truth many of us deal with...

Of Course if this truth hurts because it is real for you. Lets rub salt in the wound with beautiful people you should look up on your own time...


I have to be honest, These women make me want to consider the sister wife life style... Maybe there is something good that comes from that belief system. I just need the get approval from the first starter wife. Just in case you missed it, I did make several references to TV shows that have been on over the last year. If we all had time to shop and enjoy life, Yes we would be posting self portraits all over the web. Some of us have to work and raise children. Still Being a creative type I like pretty pictures.

BTW - these are instagram pics... 

I suspect that the world we are living in is starting to be more influenced by media and how certain groups want us to be molded and conformed into... Sigh... What ever happened to the traditional ways? People clearly have no care about things that are tried and true. I suppose if you try something new - you could make it work as well.

Big Risk Big Reward - as they say.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

The great sketch....

Every now and then I take an evening to sketch out ideas, thoughts and just plain create. Some times those lines ans marks turn into something worthy of more then just sitting on a page hidden from the world.... Actually It happens more then you might think. Since no one pays for the creations I generally keep them to myself hoarded in the depths of other pages...Today I'm doing the opposite and sharing a mix of ink, color pencil and watercolor to bring you this....

The head of a Winter Storm Giant. I think they are properly called Frost Giants???? Anyway... Off with it's head. I'm getting tired of the winter weather. I'm a summer kind of guy. It might be time for a lottery win. I want to move to Cuba or Florida or some such place where winter is only dreamed of.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Game revisit...

I've been playing in tournaments and slowly becoming a ranked amateur with the time I have available to me. Neat thing is I find that there is a whole mountain of good things to be gained from this game. My children are becoming far better at Math and Reading. Though this is not a silver bullet for literacy, it sure helps make the learning experience more fun for childern.

I noticed there is a huge selection of tokens or markers that appear in every game pack in some variety of one or two per Booster. One token that seems missing is the Avatar, at least I have never seen one. So I created one....

This is not a typical card but it is a nice little add to the game. If you have a color Printer and card stalk feel free to make a copy for yourself.  I'm thinking that tokens are more of a round shape. What I might do is create a series of round token cards of what is currently being used in the game... Who knows it may gain some interst. What might work is a spin dial type thing that rotates to both a character type and power/defence.... So many possibilities. Now I need the time.

For now back to family life.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

New year new post... #2

I thought I would give a concept illustration up that I did. I figured that people might want to see what a mind creature would look like from another planet. You'll notice that I made the character quite effeminate.

Why else would you share your thoughts with an alien creature. Women by there very nature like to share information and ask a lot of questions... at least as compared to men. So this picture works well... Some how it make me want to speak to it.

I call this...

Mind spirit! -Enjoy

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1 more NY

Happy New Year! I just needed to get a post out on the first day of the year to ensure that if I don't make it through the next 364 days that I did my part to waste a bit of space on the internet one last time. - Enjoy I only hope my year turns out better then all of yours... You of course all have a huge head start. You can actually afford to keep your internet up and running.