Wednesday, January 30, 2013

-40 C - - - Bloodly Wind Chill

Yesterday the weather report stated -32 C with wind chill. Well my thermometer must have been directly in the face of the wind because it was sitting at -40 C. It has been cold enough to freeze the thermometer at times too. I was able to grab a hand full of snow and bring it in the house and have it sit on the table for 10 minutes at a time too. That is cold. Yesterday did inspire even more... A page of snow flake art and sketches. I never realized how many potential patterns there were.

I had to do research on the snow flake. I learned that there are at least 35 categories that the crystals fall into. So my sketches really don't cover all the possible outcomes. Still you might want to do an in depth look at all the crystal forms that you might encounter. Visually impressive stuff... imagine clothing with those patterns reflecting the sheen of the flake.

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