Monday, November 22, 2010

No Gnome

A funny little thing happened while traveling the street in -27C weather. I spotted a person carrying a gnome for a photo shoot. The camera in the other hand gave it away. I was inspired so I whipped up a few digital illustrations in two styles that might be found in animation, I then added a character illustration over top of that. The final result is pretty impressive by my estimation. I had no idea how it would turn out. I can only say that samurai jack was the inspiration for the end result.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

65 minutes of research revealed.

From memory I drummed up this illustration about a tower for a wizard. Indecently I was researching buildings last week end. I realized that it is very similar to the central tower on the parliament building in Ottawa. I suppose that image left an impression. What I was going for was a cross between a wizards military out post tower and London tower Big Ben (I think it's call) and well - memory being what it is ended up like this....

I called the pic parliament tower, though I see now that I failed to add many smaller details and stairs and such.... AH the country invades my creative push it seems.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What is up!

Let me tell you.
First I cotinue to do editorial illustrations. Yes they are harder to come by as publications start to make cuts, it seems that I too suffer as an artist, so I have taken a part time night job to meet my needs.
I've also been developing and designing and making a e-book called GIFTER. It is a supplement to palladium game system to help bolster there product. A team of dedicated fans also contribute. Unfortunately the company palladium book really has not taken an interest in this so we have decided to do a few issue for free. Currently 4 issues have been done and submitted to fans for free!

I understand the need for money.
I get that payment should be made.
Yet many game fans produce material at home for their games for free and we want to bring that to other fans. Palladium has Rifter for this purpose. Unfortunately it is a print product and we are offering an opportunity to create an off shoot brand in a strictly digital format.

I could go on about this but many people have heard all the arguments before. Almost as a slap in the face palladium has started creating a lower budgeted quality Rifter(in my opinion) product over the last two issues making it very painful to support any longer. Maybe they are giving the fans a chance to step up our game and take over a similar publication?

Maybe they don't care? Maybe they want a larger fan base for a younger age?
What ever the speculation is - Our goal was to have them as a corporate sponsor with out being dodgy or salacious and be open with our efforts and goals and have them support us in a small way. Unfortunately the original fans who founded the idea have disbanded and did not have the business savvy to make a real proposal. Another issue is I have taken up the reigns on a part time bases to try and salvage the idea in a new iteration. So far I have been successful. Where I and the fans are failing is a business plan and marketing plan to present to Palladium to get their support.

Unfortunately 2000 fans at best for subscribers is not enough to do this project over a long term. Is the RPG about to die?
Who knows, I have come to love the game since many new edits have been made to the system.

So what is the next step?
Will the fans step up to make this a more serious project?
I certainly won't take that responsibility,, though I will support it.
I'm not sure what the best move to make is.

Last I heard, Palladium would rather have us license their brand and send us away. Typical really. Most business folk have profit on their minds first. You would think that growing the brand might be of interest to them and worth investing in.

Well if you mess with the lion you could be bitten....unless your a fan doing it for free. It would really suck if a company sued it's fans. LOL

Well that is an update for now.

If I post more art or idea's or thoughts it may not happen until December. Thanks for dropping by.