Sunday, March 19, 2017

52 ways

I wonder why more creative people don't unite behind a project or concept to create. I started this blog many years ago and noticed that it is an outlet. It allows me to write and practice writing and post art and photos and so many crazy idea's. But I still see very little in the way of creative people sharing posts or getting behind a project or supporting the projects that can be out there. I just think it has to do with control over a project. That is where some conflicts begin. It also has to do with return on effort. If I do something for you, what will you do for me? It is an attitude that stops things dead cold. I'm so disappointed by the lack of corporate support for everything in this world for arts as well. I can go on for paged about everything art and creative and related items. Instead I'll leave my thoughts as they are and close the door to my mind again. Maybe that is why creatives are so introverted. ~ Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2 of my favorites are gone...

Well here they are and I'm a bit sad... Yes I spend to much time in the imagined world hoping for more opportunities in the real world. I have to lament the things that matter - Imaginary life, am I right! The real world is a joke after all. Full of B.S. and nonsense like nothing I've ever seen. One dy we'll get them back... Maybe... Ob Nix made a come back after all. ~ Enjoy

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Strongest weapons in the Megaverse...

If you love the Palladium books game system then you want to know what is the strongest or rather what can do the most damage in the Megaverse. Wonder no longer, here is a list of must have Whoop@$$ things your characters need to own at some point in time. DEADLIEST WEAPONS IN THE MEGAVERSE! BK: HADES GOD BLAST CANON: 400 MD OR 240 SDC BK:ATLANTIS DRAGON DREADNOUGHT: AR:2100, MAX DMG ONE TIME: 32+240+320+60+240 BK:RIFTS UNDERSEAS HORUNE DREAM SHIP AR:20,000, MAX DMG ONE TIME: 60+800+240+240+120 HORUNE STRIKE SHIPS AR:6,500, MAX DMG ONE TIME: 400+400+240+240+40 SPLUGORTH SEA SKIMMER AR:30,000, MAX DMG ONE TIME: 1600+80+240+60 BK:PHASE WORLD BERSERKER CLASS WARSHIP AR:4000, MAX DMG ONE TIME: 1400+24*2000+180+ RIFT PROJECTOR CANNON MAX DMG ONE TIME: 4000+2 RIFT EFFECTS PARTICLE BEAM CANNON[MEDIUM] MAX DMG ONE TIME: 800/CANNON PARTICLE BEAM CANON [HEAVY] MAX DMG ONE TIME: 6000/CANNON HI-LASER CANNON-HEAVY MAX DMG ONE TIME: 24000 BK:MUTANTS IN ORBIT OLD X RAY LASER MAX DMG ONE TIME: 6000 SD OR 800 MD OLD BRILLIANT PEBBLE MISSILES MAX DMG ONE TIME: 1200 SD OR 240 MD VRRDS CYBERWORKS STEEL DRAGON AR:1000+ MAX DMG ONE TIME:240+24+36+42 BK:HEROES UNLIMITED NUCLEAR MULTI-WARHEAD MAX DMG ONE TIME:800 SD NUCLEAR HEAVY WAR HEAD MAX DMG ONE TIME:600 SD BK:COALITION WAR CAMPAIGN CS APC SKY LIFTER AR:2300+, MAX DMG ONE TIME:360 PLUS 640 TROOPS FIRE STORM MOBILE FORTRESS AR:5000+, MAX DMG ONE TIME:1600+240+80+120+120+24 PLUS 894 TROOPS bk:Russia thunder storm artillery borg AR:1240 ,max one time damage:160+40+18+60+24

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Things that don't stay dead

Gene manipulation is not new- Dr. Frankenstein did it first in a gross way using larger parts. It took us longer to get that skill down to a microscopic level. This is what I'm thinking. Ectoplasmic goo freshly squeezed from a Christmas ball from the mouth of a stone monkey and injected into undead created hounds made from various animal parts and there you have it. A magical undead pet that obeys and protects you alone. Loyal beyond death! ~ Enjoy!


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