Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've been busy...

To many ideas and too little time. I hope I get some love from all my efforts. I love doing this stuff... I mean what else are you going to do while sitting on the toilet, Read? Not.

I kid!

I did this for Nate!

This piece was done for the web comic Atland which I hope he uses someday or posts on his blog... I have been a fan of his work for some time and it really nails the fantasy theme too.

Another great scene...HoodooVAlley..

I was driven by old westerns to make a valley filled with hoodoos. Horse Shoe canyon here in Alberta has a few of these things to check out too. Pretty neat erosion effects to add to your reference material.

Goblin SHort spear... And the goblin

This is for a project I hope takes off... Though a sneak peek might be a good thing here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arg - Sleep!

Yes I noticed that my posts are a bit - error filled... SO what! Being a parent and balancing multiple parts of your life to try and make the world a better place takes up time, and energy and yes I usually post at strange hours.

Most would argue that I have no excuses for poor grammar and spelling and so on... Hey, no one forces you to read the posts. Though your welcomed to. Heck even comment if you want.

This blog is an exercise of venting more then entertaining or going for a professional slant in any sense. This blog is simply a small contribution to the web that will likely stay on forgotten when I am long gone.

Oh no, there I go again with the death theme... I still haunts me though far less then when the first emotions were storming after the event.

Why Fate?

So a few people have asked why I chose the fate or fates. This project I 'm contributing to is part of a collection of art based on classical literature. The fates have been depicted through out ancient and classical literature for as long as the writing language has been around. Everyone believes to this day that fate plays a roll in their lives and seem to refuse to take responsibility for their own destination.

I certainly think fate plays a roll in life. I mean who goes out an plans to find a bag of money or to be in a near fatal accident?

These are things left more to chance than by choice. That question proves that not all things are controllable.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fates

I have put this together for a book that will be appearing at the Comic show here in Calgary. This is a selection from juries for the final book so there is a chance that piece I'm submitting is not selected. I'm placing a low res version here to support Calgary Comic artists at any rate. The final book will have awesome talent. Some I know personally.

Enjoy my small contribution to the others that will rock!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Feast plan - Find the best Dive, diner or drive in....

I'm not sure about other folks, I know I sure would like to find the diamond of a dive that has the best damn food.
Pizza ....and value hands down goes to Papa Johns.
Asian undetermined.
Vietnamese Subs .... A hot spot is in down town Calgary in china town mall. A little gem that has it down pat.
Best desserts.... Tough though I love the offerings at Boston Pizza.
Falafal or Swarmas .... Undetermined.
Donairs .... Undetermined, though a place downtown use to hit it home before closing.
Best Bubble Tea ... Undetermined.

The list goes on though I wish there was a place that had the best offerings.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Understanding Gay Women - You can't!

I just don't understand the whole lesbian/gay thing. These women clearly have the same thing in common with men, so why do they not hang out with men or more to the point date men... It's possible that they have though, I'm not sure. I just don't understand the whole gay thing. It just makes sense that if you have the same likes and desires as the opposite gender you are trying to avoid just to be with your own gender... would it not make sense to hang out with the gender you have the most in common with. I mean Men love women, Women who love women should hang out with men-No?

Maybe the competition issue gets in the way.
It is probability the same for gay men. Women love men, why don't more gay men hang out with women?

I still do not get it! Maybe I'm just to straight.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Theater poster pitch

Theater, yes that is what motivated this piece. A group of young actors are redoing the wizard of Oz with a hip hop twist on the tale. I loved the concept and submitted my concept art for a promo poster. Unfortunately they did not use any poster submitted. So sad. From what I understand the show did not take off. Well that just goes to show you even in L.A. the big shows do not always work out.


Monday, March 21, 2011

DarkSun - Comic

I have really enjoyed seeing the promo art for the dark sun comic. It is a spin off of the D&D game of the same name DARKSUN is a trademarked name too! This illustration is drawn from the darksun world.


My color

Here is my color over the illustration of N. Johnson.
This is in no way a finger poking exercise. It is important to share Ideas and concepts and loves for the creative medium. I said I would do this color in the future. It has been along time and the rivalry we had has vanished and we have moved in our own direction. Though we still share a strong drive for visual impact. I want this to be seen as a learning version - I know there are people that could digitally paint the heck out of this too. I wanted to preserve the balance of the cartoon and comic and animation feel his work has and show it in a way that says hey, I think something else is about to happen here, look at the moody sky and the blue flames.

Now that I look at this piece, I almost want to break the page up and put the God / angel figure on the other side and possibly flip the top have of the image to do so. I think if you really want to divide the image, add more contrast then that woulds have been the way to go. I still like how the colors add a bit more depth though. It is all in the creative license.



I don't like to post by other creators unless it has a reason. Today I post art by nick Johnson who illustrated and drew this pic for a band. He is also a young creative who I challenged and had a friendly rivalry with. At some point I said I would redo the colors on the piece so I leave you with his work first. It is a really good composition.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

illustrations bound

Its been crazy! The bird head came from reading the graphic novel Proof. Riley Rossomo (Forgive the miss spelling)the artist chose a buzzards head for the piece of a fire bird. He has so much energy in his illustrations. In the industry a ton of people want tight lines and clean images, he gives you energy and action. There is so much kinetics force in his still images that some are just hard to look at after a while. It's like his whole book is on a major cafe latte kick. The most mundane scenes really seems to pop with his style of illustration. I love it. Needless to say he inspired me to re-read his stuff simply based on visual power. I had to draw the buzzards head.

The professor character is a spin off of professor X of the x-men books. another re-imagined version where he would be more of an educator and practicing psychologist rather then a mutant teacher and mentor. The version I created really pokes at the idea of a psychologist giving stern advice to a mutant student who is not grasping the real world from a human perspective... Yes the professor speaks to me more then usual these days.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Another morbid idea I needed to get out.

Geez - this stuff really is a reflection of life.... Will it ever end?
The mind functions on it's own. I wish I had more control over what the tiny neurons farted out.


I needed to get this off my mind.... I hope I'm done with it for a while.