Saturday, March 12, 2011

illustrations bound

Its been crazy! The bird head came from reading the graphic novel Proof. Riley Rossomo (Forgive the miss spelling)the artist chose a buzzards head for the piece of a fire bird. He has so much energy in his illustrations. In the industry a ton of people want tight lines and clean images, he gives you energy and action. There is so much kinetics force in his still images that some are just hard to look at after a while. It's like his whole book is on a major cafe latte kick. The most mundane scenes really seems to pop with his style of illustration. I love it. Needless to say he inspired me to re-read his stuff simply based on visual power. I had to draw the buzzards head.

The professor character is a spin off of professor X of the x-men books. another re-imagined version where he would be more of an educator and practicing psychologist rather then a mutant teacher and mentor. The version I created really pokes at the idea of a psychologist giving stern advice to a mutant student who is not grasping the real world from a human perspective... Yes the professor speaks to me more then usual these days.

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