Monday, March 21, 2011

My color

Here is my color over the illustration of N. Johnson.
This is in no way a finger poking exercise. It is important to share Ideas and concepts and loves for the creative medium. I said I would do this color in the future. It has been along time and the rivalry we had has vanished and we have moved in our own direction. Though we still share a strong drive for visual impact. I want this to be seen as a learning version - I know there are people that could digitally paint the heck out of this too. I wanted to preserve the balance of the cartoon and comic and animation feel his work has and show it in a way that says hey, I think something else is about to happen here, look at the moody sky and the blue flames.

Now that I look at this piece, I almost want to break the page up and put the God / angel figure on the other side and possibly flip the top have of the image to do so. I think if you really want to divide the image, add more contrast then that woulds have been the way to go. I still like how the colors add a bit more depth though. It is all in the creative license.


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