Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crazy stream of Consciousness

What a whirl wind of information. Being creative and looking at things that way I do, I find the perspective of others to be pretty off kilter or skewed in the strangest ways. I'm clearly the one who is not a base line normal as far as thought processes go. I look at things from a very different realm that is not always connected to the reality of others. I see the world in more of a future "space" as opposed to my one point perspective looking out. Admittedly a strange concept and sensation when I pull back to my ground zero.

You might notice that as I write, I played with text to influence your thoughts too... I wont tell you what I did but you might find out by the time I'm done this entry.

All in all I have been going through yet another transition, with life, change is a constant thing. Having my perspective leaves me seeking an alternative while living the current. It has been a good experience. It has been information overload. It has been a battle of wills, styles and of course good humor and resolution. My journey continues and I can't help but imagine that more challenges and change is on the way.

For now the weather is nice and I'm adjusting well...

~ Enjoy!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Sacrifice is a thing you do to make everything better in your world. Today I had the opportunity to reflect on a great many things. My temporary worries were greatly relieved when my biggest supports, my children - my family cheered for the very small step I made to ensure that things will continue to improve for a great many people, including ourselves.

I constantly put my family first to best position us all for a better future. The school of hard knocks is not the class I recommend, but it is the school that teaches you hard lessons that you need to remember. Important lessons.

I was greatly renewed with vision and idea's after today. Ideals that people without families tend to forget. Sacrifice is needed. But no one needs to suffer. You need to be your best every day. Something I pride myself on trying to do and be.

I think I have the right items in place for now. Next is the greater good. I know I can effectively influence change from the place I'm at right now. Perhaps in 12 to 24 months that will change. I have grand visions that might better elevate this guy... as lowly as he may be... Me... TIme will tell how this will all work out for me.

I look forward to some even greater improvements soon.

- Enjoy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inspired by scale.

I'm thinking about a composition that is on a large scale... Well larger then I usually do work on.
I might even photograph steps as I take them... but that might slow things down to much... Since I'm in the thought process.... I still haven't decided on the any real subject. Sci-Fi is what is kind of tickling my fancy.

Wonder what else might come for me this week... I'm getting busy as it is.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

art done today...

needed to purge ideas in a visual way...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Olympic Hockey Gold...

This is a tough one for me. Canada displayed the invitational roster for the Olympic team. They had one practice and I have to say it is too early to tell. From what I spotted, my rough picks are as follows in order of player line too.

Carey Price
Braden Holtby
Roberto Luongo

This is a personal preference for me. I want to see a great Canadian anchor the team. Price is the man for the finals and the opening game. Luongo and Holtby... both solid, but I want Holtby as my number 2. I'm never leaving Luongo out. I want the secret weapon on the rink if things go really bad. He can turn a game around with 40 or more saves. Lets not waste our best game saver... The lest amount of time the opposition get to see him in play, the better the chance of recovering in those critical crisis modes.

Dan Boyle -1
Drew Doughty -1
Dan Hamhuis -2
Kris Letang - 2
Dion Phaneuf -3
Brent Seabrook - 3
Marc Staal - 4
 Shea Weber - 4

People might scream for this choice but consider the following,  Phaneuf and Staal really are great special teams power houses. If you want to over load the power play on a big rink. These two need the gas and the legs to make a mad scramble back to defense position if a play breaks down. Keep these two fresh for all games. Hammer the goalie and let forwards scoop the re-bounds. Shea Weber is a great work horse. On forth or first, he is going to be the go to guy when the others can't find a hit or an opening. This 4rth line D-man will hammer the opposition or throw a hard long pass to the right guy.

Patrice Bergeron -1
Jeff Carter -1
Jordan Eberle -1

Just wait and see what I mean. This line can click and make a mockery of the opposition. Only the Russian team will be a real threat to this line up. Skill and grace and speed, only the gritty players will be able to shake these three. If they can keep up.

Sidney Crosby - 2
Ryan Getzlaf -2
Claude Giroux - 2

With two bigger guys to side Crosby, the goals are going to happen. Keep the Pittsburgh Defender loaded for this line for fast break outs and shorter time it would take for the team to gain chemistry. Only the Americans can match this line with size, power and maybe speed.

Chris Kunitz -3
Milan Lucic - 3
Corey Perry -3

This is a my important line. I don't want checking from these guys. I want them to break plays, make opportunities for each other. They are a group of guys that can provide goals and shake down the opposition in a tight playing game. They can skate with the best and move to the net with stellar passing.

Mike Richards - 4
Eric Staal - 4
Jordan Staal - 4

Why all the Staal...Hockey history, and this would make for a great family story. Not since the Hulls and Orrs would we have seen such a great tale of hockey glory. These guys know each other and on special teams for Penalty kills or a power play change up. These are the guys on the ice for me. Mike Richards is a solid guy that will keep the other two focused on the ice by his play. He leads by example. The Stall boys will have to keep up and watch for him on the ice surface.

Steven Stamkos

for sure is in the line up. He is going to alternate between the first and second line to boost production for Patrice Bergeron -1 and Sidney Crosby - 2, Ryan Getzlaf -2. By switching the other three out for Steven Stamkos, you get the harder punch on the offense. Any of these guys can score You want to see chemistry, to have a guy be there when you shoot or make a hard pass at the net. You want the goals when you need them. He is the clutch guy.

Patrick Sharp

Certainly a consideration. He tends to be a strong personality. Can he play with the same guys that he abuses during the season... I like his abilities but his personality is a real question mark for my choice. I have to keep him as a selection on talent alone. I can't see him being on the regular ice time much. He will be the special teams power play guy at best. If there is an injury he is in. But he needs to play nice. He's not the biggest guy on the ice.

Those are my picks.

~ Enjoy!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Roses are red...Some times....

They say that roses can't be grown in Alberta.
I have proved them wrong for over 8 years. Here is the proof. In my front lawn to boot.
We do after all have the wild rose that blooms in wild fields too. So this was not a real stretch. I just thought that it was interesting to see how it would work out. Last year we let the Roses grow long and this year longer. Even if we cut them back, they grow out even more. I suspect that we are doing some thing really well. Might just be the beetles and the worms. Some of these blooms are prefect. Anyone need wedding flowers in ALBERTA... I might be able to part with a few of these.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventure Wrap up...

After several game sessions with the children, the game session is about to wrap up. I find that I spend more time managing emotions and expectations then running the game right now. It has been a real challenge, but the players are children, are learning more about coping with challenges and issues. They are sensing the importance of team work, calculating the treasure find and simply the importance of hanging out together to enjoy the game...even if the dice don't roll the way we want.

The game session should end soon. The treasure count really starts to rise now. Can't wait for the surprise I have in store for them.... It gets really interesting soon.

-Enjoy your week end.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evolution of paper mini models...

Here is a selection of paper models I've been using for table top gaming. It has been a real neat experience to game with my children

. Role playing games now offer so much more but I wanted to share just what we use. These paper model flats can be made or found online. The key is to keep them 1 inch high or about 25mm. Any art works with design that you feel best represents your character or NPC.... with out further ado... here you will see ours and the evolution of what we have done.

You will notice the zombie horde attacking a dinosaur... Yes nothing in our games is off limits. Just your imagination is a bit twisted if you don't think this could happen.

More good news...NOT!

SUN Media has decided to crater again...
Good news for me...Not!
I've been in the print, design business for a long time. Now I just watch as many folks in a similar area get pulverized by the lack of jobs and opportunities. Nice to see I'm going no where fast any time soon. I need to find a way to reinvent my self... Just can't seem to find the best way to do that. Yet I see that some opportunities are creeping up. I just need to have them materialize.

Thanks SUN media for putting more creative folks out of work. It would not be fair if you were the only one to try and employ those of us that chose a liberal arts education of any kind.
I sympathize with those suffering the loss...I've been there too. I still am. Now what do we all want to be when we grow up?

Your guess is as good as mine.

~ Enjoy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mad Magic Gathering...

I'm thinking that this is one of the best weekends I've had in some time. Two Sessions of a pre-release. Met a some great people including a charming young man of 15 years of age who offered to help my 10 year old learn the ropes of Yu-gi-oh... ( think that is how it is spelled).

I did exceptionally well on the opening night. Not surprisingly did far worse on the second day... Still, I doubled my take on the first night and felt that a second visit would be needed to off set the cost. I still did fairly well. I know it is crazy... But I now have my one son lined up to play and learn Yu-gi-oh, my other son is now looking forward to a magic session... all in all. Great fun was had and surprise extra cards were appreciated.

Now I have a hard choice to make... Do I keep playing or do I wait for the next set. I really hope the next set is as good as I think it will be. I truly enjoyed one particular mechanic because of the unpredictably of it during game play.

At any rate... 10 of sleep in 48 hours is rough, add a Saturday ball hockey game and my regular dad duties... I think the next week will be a welcomed resting period.

I hope your weekend was just as good.

- Enjoy!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being a father-keeping busy...

I never really get a break... not since my career cratered and the job opportunities seem to have faded. I simply just stay at home and father. A great thing to do, but it makes money a thing of dreams... I find my self often saying, "What is the money of which you speak?"

It no longer has meaning. I simply don't have the drive to attain it so long as there is food on the table and a warm place to sleep and clothing on my back... I have all I need. It has taken 2 years to come to that conclusion. I also find that my time is gaining more value. I don't want to work unless the price is right for me.

That might seem strange to some folks, but it is my new perspective. My family has moved up the chain of command. After 2 years with no full time job/career... I simply could care less about the needs of others. I've become so separated from the rest of the world that only a select few people ever get my time and effort. Even that is fleeing and temporary at best. My family - My immediate family is getting all I have to offer. That of course has no monetary value, but the time I share with them seems to be extremely cherished.

Who knew that simply being there was the best course of action... it only took two years for me to figure that out. So I think I'll continue to be selfish and make sure my time is mine, and valued by those who really care for it.

At lease until after October... then a part time job might be nice to ease the Christmas Pressures... maybe.


Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Looking for change...

Nothing really changing but it is good to try.
No clear path... or options. Its still good to try...
Looking for change.

- Enjoy!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Calgary Stampede Parade ...

Too earily... Needed to pack more food and drink. Need to get more rest.
It was a smaller parade, it was a well done parade... oh the floats that did arrive were very well made too!

I think we do this every two years almost every year... Some times you just need a break. Now the nap was a good thing, but I think Childern need to be a little older to fully appreciate the event.

Lots of officers in dress and plain clothed to watch for the threats... Thankfully no threat was present. We found a great spot to sit, but the folks that would likely look like terrorist only brought flags and good humor. Nothing - Thankfully to worry about.

Yes I might be paranoid, but a quick and reasonable retreat is now part of my set up plan for public events. IT is only a matter of time before Canada is a target. I have seen a huge growth in the Muslim community in the city over the last 5 years. I can tell you many don't or can't pay their bills and they tend to collect 5 families (extended) in a single home. I'm sure this has to do with immigration. This can be seen in the N.E. of Calgary more so then other areas.

The City has had a huge support from political leaders, celebrities and the T.S.X. was opened from fort Calgary this year. The first time ever it was launched out side the Exchange ever. This is a huge boost of support for the city of Calgary and the Stampede.

All in all - It was very Clean. Remember two weeks ago, it was flooded out. 10 feet under water. I think this is a piece of history that no Calgary resident will ever forget.

- Enjoy !

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Another RPG...what...

My game group has become pretty rabid consumers of the game I'm running. They contribute a ton. They consume a ton. They are already closing in on 4rth  level as of this writing in just 5 game sessions totallying 8 hours.

Social skills and co-operation is improving, the math skills are improving and most important of all, they rug rats that they are ... Each and every one is having a ton of fun letting their imagination fly free.

The important things in our game is fun... Ignore Alignment limitations, Never say no - we say roll the dice. Then we play a very open cross genre game that impulses things like super heroes, knights, dragons, robots supernatural, ninjas, super tanks and space ships and more!

It has been a fun experience to bond with people in this way.

- Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


This is one of those days where it si going to feel like 40 centigrade...
Humidity playing a major roll due to the flooding issues we are almost done dealing with.

I love hat weather as long as the bugs vanish. Love nice weather - Hate bugs. That is the one good thing about autumn and early spring, no bugs.

- Enjoy!