Friday, July 05, 2013

Calgary Stampede Parade ...

Too earily... Needed to pack more food and drink. Need to get more rest.
It was a smaller parade, it was a well done parade... oh the floats that did arrive were very well made too!

I think we do this every two years almost every year... Some times you just need a break. Now the nap was a good thing, but I think Childern need to be a little older to fully appreciate the event.

Lots of officers in dress and plain clothed to watch for the threats... Thankfully no threat was present. We found a great spot to sit, but the folks that would likely look like terrorist only brought flags and good humor. Nothing - Thankfully to worry about.

Yes I might be paranoid, but a quick and reasonable retreat is now part of my set up plan for public events. IT is only a matter of time before Canada is a target. I have seen a huge growth in the Muslim community in the city over the last 5 years. I can tell you many don't or can't pay their bills and they tend to collect 5 families (extended) in a single home. I'm sure this has to do with immigration. This can be seen in the N.E. of Calgary more so then other areas.

The City has had a huge support from political leaders, celebrities and the T.S.X. was opened from fort Calgary this year. The first time ever it was launched out side the Exchange ever. This is a huge boost of support for the city of Calgary and the Stampede.

All in all - It was very Clean. Remember two weeks ago, it was flooded out. 10 feet under water. I think this is a piece of history that no Calgary resident will ever forget.

- Enjoy !

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