Monday, July 22, 2013

Olympic Hockey Gold...

This is a tough one for me. Canada displayed the invitational roster for the Olympic team. They had one practice and I have to say it is too early to tell. From what I spotted, my rough picks are as follows in order of player line too.

Carey Price
Braden Holtby
Roberto Luongo

This is a personal preference for me. I want to see a great Canadian anchor the team. Price is the man for the finals and the opening game. Luongo and Holtby... both solid, but I want Holtby as my number 2. I'm never leaving Luongo out. I want the secret weapon on the rink if things go really bad. He can turn a game around with 40 or more saves. Lets not waste our best game saver... The lest amount of time the opposition get to see him in play, the better the chance of recovering in those critical crisis modes.

Dan Boyle -1
Drew Doughty -1
Dan Hamhuis -2
Kris Letang - 2
Dion Phaneuf -3
Brent Seabrook - 3
Marc Staal - 4
 Shea Weber - 4

People might scream for this choice but consider the following,  Phaneuf and Staal really are great special teams power houses. If you want to over load the power play on a big rink. These two need the gas and the legs to make a mad scramble back to defense position if a play breaks down. Keep these two fresh for all games. Hammer the goalie and let forwards scoop the re-bounds. Shea Weber is a great work horse. On forth or first, he is going to be the go to guy when the others can't find a hit or an opening. This 4rth line D-man will hammer the opposition or throw a hard long pass to the right guy.

Patrice Bergeron -1
Jeff Carter -1
Jordan Eberle -1

Just wait and see what I mean. This line can click and make a mockery of the opposition. Only the Russian team will be a real threat to this line up. Skill and grace and speed, only the gritty players will be able to shake these three. If they can keep up.

Sidney Crosby - 2
Ryan Getzlaf -2
Claude Giroux - 2

With two bigger guys to side Crosby, the goals are going to happen. Keep the Pittsburgh Defender loaded for this line for fast break outs and shorter time it would take for the team to gain chemistry. Only the Americans can match this line with size, power and maybe speed.

Chris Kunitz -3
Milan Lucic - 3
Corey Perry -3

This is a my important line. I don't want checking from these guys. I want them to break plays, make opportunities for each other. They are a group of guys that can provide goals and shake down the opposition in a tight playing game. They can skate with the best and move to the net with stellar passing.

Mike Richards - 4
Eric Staal - 4
Jordan Staal - 4

Why all the Staal...Hockey history, and this would make for a great family story. Not since the Hulls and Orrs would we have seen such a great tale of hockey glory. These guys know each other and on special teams for Penalty kills or a power play change up. These are the guys on the ice for me. Mike Richards is a solid guy that will keep the other two focused on the ice by his play. He leads by example. The Stall boys will have to keep up and watch for him on the ice surface.

Steven Stamkos

for sure is in the line up. He is going to alternate between the first and second line to boost production for Patrice Bergeron -1 and Sidney Crosby - 2, Ryan Getzlaf -2. By switching the other three out for Steven Stamkos, you get the harder punch on the offense. Any of these guys can score You want to see chemistry, to have a guy be there when you shoot or make a hard pass at the net. You want the goals when you need them. He is the clutch guy.

Patrick Sharp

Certainly a consideration. He tends to be a strong personality. Can he play with the same guys that he abuses during the season... I like his abilities but his personality is a real question mark for my choice. I have to keep him as a selection on talent alone. I can't see him being on the regular ice time much. He will be the special teams power play guy at best. If there is an injury he is in. But he needs to play nice. He's not the biggest guy on the ice.

Those are my picks.

~ Enjoy!

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