Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being a father-keeping busy...

I never really get a break... not since my career cratered and the job opportunities seem to have faded. I simply just stay at home and father. A great thing to do, but it makes money a thing of dreams... I find my self often saying, "What is the money of which you speak?"

It no longer has meaning. I simply don't have the drive to attain it so long as there is food on the table and a warm place to sleep and clothing on my back... I have all I need. It has taken 2 years to come to that conclusion. I also find that my time is gaining more value. I don't want to work unless the price is right for me.

That might seem strange to some folks, but it is my new perspective. My family has moved up the chain of command. After 2 years with no full time job/career... I simply could care less about the needs of others. I've become so separated from the rest of the world that only a select few people ever get my time and effort. Even that is fleeing and temporary at best. My family - My immediate family is getting all I have to offer. That of course has no monetary value, but the time I share with them seems to be extremely cherished.

Who knew that simply being there was the best course of action... it only took two years for me to figure that out. So I think I'll continue to be selfish and make sure my time is mine, and valued by those who really care for it.

At lease until after October... then a part time job might be nice to ease the Christmas Pressures... maybe.


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