Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crazy stream of Consciousness

What a whirl wind of information. Being creative and looking at things that way I do, I find the perspective of others to be pretty off kilter or skewed in the strangest ways. I'm clearly the one who is not a base line normal as far as thought processes go. I look at things from a very different realm that is not always connected to the reality of others. I see the world in more of a future "space" as opposed to my one point perspective looking out. Admittedly a strange concept and sensation when I pull back to my ground zero.

You might notice that as I write, I played with text to influence your thoughts too... I wont tell you what I did but you might find out by the time I'm done this entry.

All in all I have been going through yet another transition, with life, change is a constant thing. Having my perspective leaves me seeking an alternative while living the current. It has been a good experience. It has been information overload. It has been a battle of wills, styles and of course good humor and resolution. My journey continues and I can't help but imagine that more challenges and change is on the way.

For now the weather is nice and I'm adjusting well...

~ Enjoy!

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