Thursday, July 31, 2014

Locked in a tube....

Yesterday I was locked in a tube not once, not twice but three times. Then I was launched as fast as my body weight would take me down all 3 of Edmonton's most extreme water slides as found at the west Edmonton mall. All three has you locked in. All three have a count down. All three have have a floor that drops out from under your feet. Before you know what happens your blowing water out your nose, gasping for breath and you are at the bottom of the slide. AWESOME! There is a slide that makes you feel like your being flushed down a drain or toilet or what ever other comparable example you can think of. Very odd sensation swirling about just before you plunge into a pool 5 feet deep. Again AWESOME! It is expensive to get into the water park. $40+ tax per person as of this writing. Though you can not have the water park sensation any place else. There is even a float water slide similar to the a float down the Nile River, except your indoors on a tube and need not worry about gators or hippos. Just a casual fun tube slide. Over all, a must for a thrill seeker. 5 hours of stair climbing seams like much, but you have so much fun navigating the vertical maze of stairs you hardly notice the time go by. The fun is really a huge part of the fitness while hanging out here. I did so much over the last two days I can't share all in one post, though I wish you could all be here with me. WEST EDMONTON MALL IS A MUST GO TO SWIMMING SPOT. ~ Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Russia scoops my blog

Lately a large number of visits have been from Russia. Well I do have a prediction for them. If you political clowns don't stop taking over property and shooting planes out of the sky, the western world is about to open up a can of Whoop @$$ on you. Already the markets are reflecting the actions westerners about to take. Communists population will suffer far more than the regime running the country. I just want to point out the obvious... Taliban assassination by a tactical team could happen again with president Vlad Putin. The world is not so large that you can hide forever, that has been proven now too. I suggest that you gather your resources folks on both sides of the pond. WW3 is just around the corner. This time it might be far more atomic. ~ Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

when I grow up...

Alright I might never really grow up, though this might be a fun toy to purchase if I ever get a real job.
I found this while searching the web and it had a pinterest tag to it. I couldn't even guess at the real source of the photo. Sure looks like fun though. I have to say I was much more partial to the Big Wheel at the time. I would go Big Wheel over the green of that was an option... Skidding around was the best on those things.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dis-service to self...

I have found that you never do a service to yourself if you are not rewarded for your service to others. You need to be rewarded for your efforts. If your not then you need to refocus...I'm at that stage. I look forward to the next adventure.