Sunday, June 30, 2013

East Indian Ball Hockey...

Well I have to say these folks are quickly gaining the know how of the game we love. In two hours I was the only Canadian on a court of 8 east Indians playing the ball hockey game... They did a good job of shutting me down. I still managed to gain 5 goals and 5 assists in 2 hours... COnsidering how much I was glowing on the court It was easy for them to contain me.

I put the call out for more Native to pull the old rubber clubs out of storage for a rousing game. I suspect with more comrades on my level we can really blow them out of the rink with a shut out or two.

I found that they have surpurb batting skills. If I put the ball in play at a cricket pitch height, they hit the ball 90% of the time right out of the air and into the net. A skill not normally seen in the Canadain game, yet the cricket pitch skills are impressive when the height is right for a ball hockey game.

I now know what it is like for a hockey player from another country to play our game. They spoke little of the english language.

Still it was a fun scrimmage.

I was good enough ;)  that they invited me back for another game. May be some fellow Canadians will join me in the fray.

- Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer begins - - -

The floods have taken a toll on us everyone. It has been a good rest, a good recovery, a good reminder that we need to reconnect with the real world issues. Now we are all getting back to business.

My cold has subsided enough to allow me to feel more like myself. I hope to be getting more art posted again... Some colds leave you pretty wiped out. This was one of those. I just have to get focused again. I had a story in the works and it has not really been addressed since the floods.... I've lost over a week of activity on that front too.

It will all come together soon... I can sense the universal correction coming together for a definitive end.

- Enjoy - the nice hot weather!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting back to normal....

Well the floods did hit us hard... Emergency and city crews have been operating 24 hours a day since Friday. The city is crawling back up to speed. It is amazing what can be done with a cash injection into the city and services to get things done. Still no real growth in job oppertunities though.

I expected many more jobs to spring up in all the chaos. It never happened.

My cold is fading - We are still dry... There are a ton of bugs in the city now!
There is an odd smell in the city as well... Less smog and a fresh - Odd smell that you never expected from a city that is growing as fast as ours is.

I think this flood will make our city a little more shiny too.
I told the wife, this is the first year that a tax rate is finally justified as the cost of clean up is going to be fully accounted for... Can't hide an money in private coffers... citizens are locked out of the down town core... money now has to be placed into the city to fix it all..... That is the one huge plus to all the flooding.

- Enjoy

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Floods- sick- news-hunger...

All the news around the floods is making me a bit tired and run down...
I'm strangely craving, a roast beef... Pretzels, beer and mixed nuts.....

I think I need to get on a vegetarian binge...

No I just need a real job.

I wonder if there will be more work opportunities with all the flooding in the city.

Friday, June 21, 2013


We are good for now... Crazy how 24 hours can change your life.
Many people evacuated and it is the strangest flood ever to hit Alberta... The entire south of the province is overflowing.... I've never seen such chaos... Even the down town core is underwater.

Everyone is staying put for now.
I can see a major need for food creeping up on the population as a whole.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creeating more material....

Crank it out... Working on more game material for ... you guessed it... gaming ... Anyone want to role play?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

G8 - surprise...

I'm sure all the crack downs on the wealthy is only going to create a private market in currency hording in an all new fashion... I suspect that gold will become very popular once again.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Difference of Palladium Books system and D20 systems

There are many difference but some one posted this great reference that I agree with and might add to in the future...

1) D20 has a unified die mechanic; with the exception of damage, d20 makes use of a d20 to resolve all conflicts/encounters in the game. PFRPG uses a d20 to resolve combat, and d100 to resolve skill checks (both use various other die types for damage).

2) D20 is an interative level system, PFRPG a suceessive level system. D20 characters can completely change archetype everytime they level, where as PFRPG improve within their set archetype. This vastly changes the complexity of "building characters"; after you build a PFRPG character at 1st-level, with the exception of improving some bonuses, they are a fairly static character. Since D20 has interative levels, you don't stop "building" your character, from 1st to 20th level (or beyond).

TL:DR version: PFRPG characters are more static, but less complex to build after 1st-level.

3) PFRPG let's you play as one of the "monster races", without having to buy a separate supplemental book.

4) PFRPG makes use of archetypical OCC's (or RCC's), rather than the more general "Fighter" or "Cleric" builds. You can start as a Knight at 1st-level in PFRPG.
(this offsets the "well, I can play an Elven Fighter/Mage in D&D, starting at second level...", with "Well, I can play an Elf who can swing a sword and cast magic at 1st-level, in PFRPG.")

5) D20 makes use of "Feats" to add customization of characters in the game; while this adds diversity amongst the characters, it also adds complexity to the game. And many combat options freely available in PFRPG (disarm, trip, flip) are only optimally usable in d20 with the investment of multiple feats (i.e. feat trees).

6) Defenses in PFRPG are active, rather than passive. This is a huge one, and a major selling point for me. In PFRPG, I get Parries and Dodges to avoid getting hit, rather than a static Armor Class. Personal skill (and good die rolls!) mean more to my defense, than what armor I'm wearing or what magic rings I have on. That's huge for me.

7) Armor in PFRPG is ablative, not deflective. Armor in PFRPG soaks damage. Armor in D20 keeps you from getting hit.

8 ) Magic in PFRPG works off of PPE, which is like a mana pool, with magic-users able to make use of any and all spells they know, so long as they have sufficient PPE. Magic in D20 is Vancian "fire-and-forget".

9) Combat in D20 is automatically assumed to take place on a tactical grid. PFRPG can be played on a grid, but it is not the automatic assumption.

10) PFRPG does not have the added complexity of Prestige Classes, when leveling your character.

 My additions....

11) Palladium books is a game that encourages role playing over hack and slash.

12) You can choose to choreograph every single combat motion in Palladium system, or role play you way out of challenging battles - D20 is a roll of dice succeed or fail then move on in the game - D20 is a faster paced focus on  the game, while Palladium system is a character interaction focused game.

13) Palladium books has a number of fans who have strong opinions that do not always clearly point out source material for reference. D20 tend to have more friendly supportive fans of the game. So the message boards you hang out at might sway you in one direction or another. I don't mind challenging people so long as they know what they are talking about.

14) Palladium is a game that spans many genre's and characters can be easily integrated into all of them with minor changes. D20 games requires whole new books most of the time to enjoy a game in a different genre, often making you re-role a new character or switch game systems altogether to enjoy full. Palladium has managed to keep one system pretty well through all genre... It truly is a great system - You just need to understand the subtle differences in rules between books / genre your playing in with Palladium's system.

Like I said I may add more in the future to this.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free RPG Day!

Just finished a Rousing Game of evading and dodging Zombies!
You all need to try playing an RPG when it is free to do so. I can be hired to GM/Judge a few games if needed at a location near you too.

Get out an game today!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RPG Publication --- Avalible...

I just finished the first of many more Role Playing publications for the group I game with.  It is called


They love it so far. It is a supplemental log to our on going game sessions where all the players get to contribute and grow the game world. This e-mag publication allows people to jump in and get a good feel of what has happened and what others have done. It keeps our gamers in the loop of events when they miss out on a game session. Right now it is early stages but the reviews are really good.

If you want to try using our adventure log and supplemental information for your games, feel free to purchase your copy here...

It is a really great resource for our gamers.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I'm a fan too...

Man - If you haven't heard of Taylor Hicks, man your missing out.
ever since season 5 American Idol... I haven't been able to watch again. Once you've had the best, no one else compares.
He has so many styles but he is at his best when he kick up the blues or Jazz.... Check this out...

This video of Hicks kicking it - Man we need more authentic entertainers like him out there in the world... this guy is just the real deal. Pure music, pure talent... Uncut... unedited... awesome!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

2 new game groups and counting...

A service I offer to players who want to have an experience with Role playing games. I enjoy offering the game sessions to groups of new players. I even produce a digital magazine for purchase of recent events of the games session I've had with my game groups.

The magazine has a bunch of great idea's exploring our players games, content and the ever expanding world we delve into.