Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting back to normal....

Well the floods did hit us hard... Emergency and city crews have been operating 24 hours a day since Friday. The city is crawling back up to speed. It is amazing what can be done with a cash injection into the city and services to get things done. Still no real growth in job oppertunities though.

I expected many more jobs to spring up in all the chaos. It never happened.

My cold is fading - We are still dry... There are a ton of bugs in the city now!
There is an odd smell in the city as well... Less smog and a fresh - Odd smell that you never expected from a city that is growing as fast as ours is.

I think this flood will make our city a little more shiny too.
I told the wife, this is the first year that a tax rate is finally justified as the cost of clean up is going to be fully accounted for... Can't hide an money in private coffers... citizens are locked out of the down town core... money now has to be placed into the city to fix it all..... That is the one huge plus to all the flooding.

- Enjoy

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