Sunday, June 30, 2013

East Indian Ball Hockey...

Well I have to say these folks are quickly gaining the know how of the game we love. In two hours I was the only Canadian on a court of 8 east Indians playing the ball hockey game... They did a good job of shutting me down. I still managed to gain 5 goals and 5 assists in 2 hours... COnsidering how much I was glowing on the court It was easy for them to contain me.

I put the call out for more Native to pull the old rubber clubs out of storage for a rousing game. I suspect with more comrades on my level we can really blow them out of the rink with a shut out or two.

I found that they have surpurb batting skills. If I put the ball in play at a cricket pitch height, they hit the ball 90% of the time right out of the air and into the net. A skill not normally seen in the Canadain game, yet the cricket pitch skills are impressive when the height is right for a ball hockey game.

I now know what it is like for a hockey player from another country to play our game. They spoke little of the english language.

Still it was a fun scrimmage.

I was good enough ;)  that they invited me back for another game. May be some fellow Canadians will join me in the fray.

- Enjoy!

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