Thursday, November 22, 2012


I never thought that this blog or snippets of my life would ever garner the 10,000 views. Sure it has taken a few years. And I'm not the most prolific writer/creator on this planet. I am full of heart and drive and try my best... Still 10,000 page visits is a huge number for me. If I had a toonie every time some one dropped by I'd be a much happier guy. Perhaps there is a living to be made from all this blogging stuff after all. I wonder what the longest running blog is today???? Maybe time for some research. -Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

much to do...

I've slowed down on posting -- Just to busy. It seems that my mind is pushing me in strange directions of creativity. I had several visions of greatness and have put a few on paper. Thing is no one seems to have the money or desire to pay me to put the ideas into motion. I also realized how much I have done over the last two months. Nothing work related of course. It seems that I have scared every employer in my general area. A word to the wise, if you can't pay me, you better not hire me. I don't play games. From a creative side, man It is crazy to think how narrow minded the world has become. So many people have so much to offer, yet even my work is being neglected. So much cool visuals need to be offered. I learned that if people are not going to pay, you don't need to waste your time on the internet giving it away for free... At least nothing good. Issues here, issues there... Lucky for me it is all working out...Yes Lucky me. It seems I'm living off of the generosity and luck of time. One break after another just trying to keep my head above water. Not an easy task as many people know. Balancing money, family... Gee ... Makes me wonder how others manage the added task of office romances and affairs on top of the other things happening in life. I suspect that part is just a way of giving up and working through a new path in life. So much chaos . . . I get small bouts of luck. I suppose I have to be like everyone else. Wish for a lottery win... Yes... The new game plan is in place. -Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Poetic Space...

I just completed a new book that you can get right here....... This is a teaching aid for those of you educating children on the aspects of Haiku. It is illustrated and provides a ton of new ideas on the poetic form. For a one time low price you could make children see the greatness of spoken word.
The generic cover that you see is just the simple mock up. The real cover is displayed right on this site for you to see. Let me know if you are in Alberta and use this in your class room. I'd love to visit to chat with the children about aspects of poetry and art! -Enjoy! P.S. *** If you want sample pages or sheets of select pages, contact me via this blog and I'll try to arrange to have them sent to you by email in a work sheet format to use in your class room.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Ethical choices....

I'm flattered that people offer me work from time to time. Unfortunately I can't take work from places where I know I have been previously linked to. Not only is it unethical, I could be directly blamed for stealing work from the other employer. That of course leads to legal issues. If you too are ever in doubt as to what to do, the answer is nothing. Politely decline and move on. There are days I love to work and get paid, there are days when I just want to help out. Today I simply had to say no thanks. I suppose if people came to me directly I could take the job. A business owner has a right to choose who to work with and who not to. Still, I would rather avoid the gray area all together and simply keep things legit. making signs and doing Signage can be a very profitable business it seems. Thanks for your kindness. - Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Christmas get together????

Well it is time to plan for such events again. This year the target day is Dec. 23, 2012.......... If your a friend that has an interest in a brief get together, this might be one of the few days I can open to you. You know who you are... Drop me a line and see if I can make it happen. Family that want to meet ... simply, I will run into you some place as usual, so no special invite is going to go out to you. Heck, I don't want to see anyone's ugly mug unless I have to, still it is often appreciated that I at least pretend I want to meet you all at least once or twice a year. - Cheers If I don't run into you - Well have a good holiday too. - Enjoy!

Monday, November 05, 2012

To many holidays...

My little one have been off from school far to much. It seems that the last few years teachers have been slacking off far more then is needed! Why do they get paid so much if instructional time is being reduced? Add to that Halloween, Thanks-giving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter... Do these children ever learn a thing???? I'd gladly cut Halloween from the list of holidays needed...Mind you we would never see our neighbors if that happened. It is the only Holiday that lets you get face to face with people (Neighbors) you try to ignore all year long because they annoy you in one way or another. My vote ... Cut Halloween. Thanks-giving is a historical event that has no more meaning...I mean when was the last time you were interacting with a first nation Indian???? I certainly did not get my winter blanket or turkey from them this year... Not to mention that term "Indian giver" came from that very holiday. It was customary that they share resources with those in need. When the season changed or another had the need, they would take back items offered for 6 months to return to the elders of the tribe or new babies in the family. My vote ... Cut Thanks-giving. Christmas ... Keep, Family should be the most important part of this holiday. I recognize that many people do not have a family. I also know that some people hate their families. Still, world wars and major military conflicts have stopped for this day alone! If that is not a reason to keep this major holiday - Then you all need medical attention. It also symbolizes a major shift in religion and belief, from Jews, Christians, Baptist and more... all who mention or recognize this character named Jesus. Crazy, one baby can have such a profound effect on the entire world. I vote keep! Valentines... Well I'm not a fan. But if this is the only day of the year you can muster the courage to profess your affection then you clearly are a true capitalist! This day needs to be a regular day... Oh wait it is! - Not a real holiday! Get rid of it! Paper is a dead medium! You can't save that business of printing cards. My vote ... Cut Valentines. Easter... Seriously - this one is a touchy subject. As a christian I try to keep a sense of humor about my belief and aspects related to it. But a guy dies, then he comes back to life, we have a tale about zombies historically documented in the bible. No wonder "Hollywood" makes a fortune from un-dead style movies. Everyone relates to this one tale! I recognize that it is part of a great story... But it is far fetched. Yet medical science has proved that people can be brought back to life. Everyday people are saved in hospital emergency rooms in much the same way that is in the bible from equally deadly or worse injuries. Science, medicine, spiritual power... Whatever you call it... This is a real event today. Unfortunately over commercialized aspects really turn me off from this day. I would rather have it turn into a major educational day. A day where people learn how to save lives with more advance rescue or medical training they can apply in there everyday life. But that might never happen in my life time. My vote ... Cut Easter. Now you have something to mull over this week. -Enjoy