Tuesday, November 20, 2012

much to do...

I've slowed down on posting -- Just to busy. It seems that my mind is pushing me in strange directions of creativity. I had several visions of greatness and have put a few on paper. Thing is no one seems to have the money or desire to pay me to put the ideas into motion. I also realized how much I have done over the last two months. Nothing work related of course. It seems that I have scared every employer in my general area. A word to the wise, if you can't pay me, you better not hire me. I don't play games. From a creative side, man It is crazy to think how narrow minded the world has become. So many people have so much to offer, yet even my work is being neglected. So much cool visuals need to be offered. I learned that if people are not going to pay, you don't need to waste your time on the internet giving it away for free... At least nothing good. Issues here, issues there... Lucky for me it is all working out...Yes Lucky me. It seems I'm living off of the generosity and luck of time. One break after another just trying to keep my head above water. Not an easy task as many people know. Balancing money, family... Gee ... Makes me wonder how others manage the added task of office romances and affairs on top of the other things happening in life. I suspect that part is just a way of giving up and working through a new path in life. So much chaos . . . I get small bouts of luck. I suppose I have to be like everyone else. Wish for a lottery win... Yes... The new game plan is in place. -Enjoy!

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