Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Game revisit...

I've been playing in tournaments and slowly becoming a ranked amateur with the time I have available to me. Neat thing is I find that there is a whole mountain of good things to be gained from this game. My children are becoming far better at Math and Reading. Though this is not a silver bullet for literacy, it sure helps make the learning experience more fun for childern.

I noticed there is a huge selection of tokens or markers that appear in every game pack in some variety of one or two per Booster. One token that seems missing is the Avatar, at least I have never seen one. So I created one....

This is not a typical card but it is a nice little add to the game. If you have a color Printer and card stalk feel free to make a copy for yourself.  I'm thinking that tokens are more of a round shape. What I might do is create a series of round token cards of what is currently being used in the game... Who knows it may gain some interst. What might work is a spin dial type thing that rotates to both a character type and power/defence.... So many possibilities. Now I need the time.

For now back to family life.

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