Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Oh the Internet has me posting strange things today. The first is the reflection of the truth many of us deal with...

Of Course if this truth hurts because it is real for you. Lets rub salt in the wound with beautiful people you should look up on your own time...


I have to be honest, These women make me want to consider the sister wife life style... Maybe there is something good that comes from that belief system. I just need the get approval from the first starter wife. Just in case you missed it, I did make several references to TV shows that have been on over the last year. If we all had time to shop and enjoy life, Yes we would be posting self portraits all over the web. Some of us have to work and raise children. Still Being a creative type I like pretty pictures.

BTW - these are instagram pics... 

I suspect that the world we are living in is starting to be more influenced by media and how certain groups want us to be molded and conformed into... Sigh... What ever happened to the traditional ways? People clearly have no care about things that are tried and true. I suppose if you try something new - you could make it work as well.

Big Risk Big Reward - as they say.


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