Sunday, May 27, 2007

Book Stuff Growing

Yes I am busy...The book cover is almost complete as well. It's not a beautiful piece, in fact it is abstract symbolism elements leave much to the imagination. I hope to have it posted here soon as it progresses. It leave an emotional impact but has little true art value in that you have to read the book to full understand what it may be relating to. The elements on the cover are boldly stated as to what they are in one of the stories and is a direct reference to the fictional world that is contained with in the stories or stories.

It is going to be a must read piece. I have enjoyed putting it together. So that enjoyment is seen in many of the stories. I find when most stories are inspired they tend to be better reads. Even the harry potter stuff - Which was awesome as the first two books were realeased and the last two felt a bit commercial. They only had new elements that kept me interested. I hope the last book is as good as the first two. The middle few were more or less world development books that kind of added the cream to the sugar. The though kind of lost me. I hope this last one pulls it back to where the story should be.

That is the reason why I wanted to keep all my stories short. Quality stories that ran you through the lives of several characters that other authors could grab and further develpoe if they so wanted. The book is great and really has me pump.

I also have another illustrated story page to add here soon.

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