Sunday, March 25, 2007

BLog Marketing

This is the future of venting - I mean marketing...Does it really work though? I think it does. All need is the drive to put your self out there in the big wide space and hope that every one loves your stuff. I like most stuff posted now a days.

The web may still be new in terms of standards and management. But ultimately the big dollars will harness the chaos and make it one bland system for all to fall into. Blogs are a great easy to use tool that offer more then you can dream of in space and time saving structure.

Unfortunately it is also a system of giving into the man....The man that runs the blog that is.
Hey that is fine by me. I just want a chance to share some great art and idea's. If I have to bend a little to do that -OK. Besides being creative can be academic and healthy if structures. Breaking the mold can also be breaking the security of constancy and safety. That too is an illusion, (Safety) But art and blogs allow us that freedom to explore non-the less.

Does Blog marketing work...Yes.
How? As a network of shared space with the common goal to communicate.
Why? Because we all feel we have a voice that need to be shared in some way.

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