Monday, June 27, 2011

Custom Covers - Cool!

These are custom covers I've created over the last few weeks. They are relief sculptures one being on a duo-tang for my sons book report which scored a whooping 98%. I'm sure the cover helped. The second with the SKULL!!!!!!!!!! A fun project for a darker theme. It is a custom made portfolio built for 8.5x11 size paper... It is retro fitted with recycled Duo-tang clips though they can be removed for other clips too!

Just fun art for arts sake though I have had requests to do more I have to say that these are going to cost $300-$2,700 dollars for me to create each. Pretty cheap for a functional piece though they are meant for display purposes or stage props then actual every day use. The two seen here are $300 for the bearded man which is Not for sale as it belongs to my son. The second (with the Skull) is currently still under construction. But is looking like $500-$700 depending on how long the second process of interior finishing takes.

For those interested in seeing the real deal, feel free to swing by my place or order your own by request.

- Enjoy

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