Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Illustration...

This was a crazy adventure... Mob Boss - Leprechaun .... You have to be lucky, not to get killed, not to get hurt, not to get robbed... I figured the perfect fusion would be an Irish Mob Boss meld into this final...

2 weeks of filling out suits and body types and I figured not only is he lucky, he is very comfortable, lets fatten him up. Then I wanted the Italian features of a round or blocked head with a distinguished beard that took the Irish to a new level. The suit is a bit shiny to reflect the sharp glowing style of the mob. I little bling in the ear, nose and hand. Then I made the Shelagh (Snake beating stick) a silver color to top it off.

I did try bowler hats but it was to New York and hid the good features, I tried a south American style hats too... No it did not do the guy justice. I had a full suit version but that was to stiff for an easy going Irishman. You might notice the small homage to the Archie Comics, the hatching on the side of the head. I wanted to do a bit more with the color though this is pretty darn close to what I wanted... Feel free to comment.

- Enjoy and thanks for all your support folks.

1 comment:

Paul said...

The Leprechaun really comes across.
A few suggestions. Pull the hair back a bit, make him a little older. Maybe a touch of grey as well.

Try a big old gold watch on a chain as well. Just seems like the type of thing he'd fiddle with.

Looking forward to it developing further.