Friday, September 21, 2012

A huge weight lifted...

ALMOST.... I have never had so many issue fall on one person so quickly. I feel happy to be leaving. I feel happy to almost have everything resolved. I hope that the next week is the finally of everything. I need to have all things closed so I can move forward in a positive manner. My stress was created by others, not me. If I knew the nightmare would be so dramatic I never would have taken this position. I thought I had 12 months, not 6... I literally only had 4 and a half months. My best was very impressive... Just not enough. I do get lots of praise, but it was still not enough.... nothing was enough. I pushed hard and still not enough... I wonder why people wait so long to make important changes in their lives... I can't wait that long.... I don't have the luxury... I only have a future to look forward to... I leave losing but a better person for it... I beat the odds and it was not enough. Maybe next time.

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