Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some Body familiar...

I had a rare chance to join my wife at lunch the other day and saw a person who i thought I knew/recognized. Because I rarely get to "Date" my wife, I did not go over to say hi. I mean it has been about 20 years and the guy put on about 80 pounds so I could not really be sure it was him.

Well I looked the guy up today and turns out it was him. It also turns out I lost a huge chunk of Life as it would have been lived if I did go into debt, went to university and gained a great career. no that was not my path...

Instead I chased the Olympic dream as well as art, then met a great lady, failed at every career I chased and ultimately ended up the stay at home Dad with an understanding Amazing wife who supports us all... to my chagrin. It is hard to explain to people I don't work, I'm a stay at home dad of young children... My wife would argue differently. Still it makes for a very awkward situation since I lack the accolades that others have because they embraced the way of the establishment we live in. Long story short... Nathan Stone, it was a brief recognition and a by pass. Hope life is treating you well.

I however feel like a huge part of life has been missed. I've seen first hand the accolades and longevity of Nathan's career as represented on the internet.The career successes and group of folks he was dinning with. With that said, my family is much better for it all. I would never change a thing. Who cares if I have to collect bottles for a date with the wife. I'll take the struggles and lumps as they show up. One step at a time, one lousy nickle at a time. That's the path I chose to walk. That is what I ended up getting. Some how I know it is for a greater good.

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