Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Short Tale Complete....

I Just finished a short tale for publication. I usually have two to three projects on the go every year. This of course is on top of the every day chore of earning a living and what ever freelance stuff that stumbles my way. I'm pretty happy about the latest project. Once I see a copy I can direct folks to where and how they can buy it. I was told that copies will be avalible for a local comic convention...Still I would be remiss in detail if I said it has not even seen print yet.

So My excitement has gotten the better of me. Still It is a small tale to be added to an anthology of work by other writers and artist in various forms as I was told. These details do tend to change though. If any folks need an illustrator for a short tale, Please do keep me in mind. Rate are good...Some would say great.

I love sharing my perspectives on work. You should love reading / Viewing them.
~ Enjoy!

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