Monday, March 25, 2013

horror pallete twist...

I loved the original B&W illustration I did so much I decided to try moving away from the cartoon colors and use a selected horror color selection. This one really evoked the mood I was thinking of. It turned out great. The BG is an ink wash done on a separate sheet. The text from a newspaper page that I crumpled up, scanned and then over layered on the ink-wash. The moon was pulled from the internet, blurred, re-sized and softened to fit the illustration. A glow was added and expanded then opacity adjusted to tie everything together. By pulling the ambient BG color into the main illustration, the two began to unite a bit more.... Of course I totally abandoned the light source of the moon. I felt that the contrast in direction led to a strange ambiance. Visually it looks weird but seems to work none the less.

I love this one.... What about you?!

~ Enjoy!

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