Thursday, March 07, 2013

Interviews....Argh.... Calgary Crisis... Snoots...

I'm tired of interviews. I've had so many and not one real offer for a real full time paying job. People need to understand that I have a family, and that family needs to be fed. No one can work for less then $17 per hour and be expected to stay for the long run. A nice $20 per hour would be good for a start. Folks just don't want to pay that. Yet they want a commitment of 2 years or more. Hog wash. Pay me if you feel I meet your needs. Then I'll stay for two years.

I know I will not kill myself if I'm not happy. Everything needs to work and work well. I need a hobby. Hobo, drunk... Both might just be the best way to go. Crazy word I tell you...Crazy.

Tomorrow is a new day. Stay positive... Yes I'm positive I'm still unemployed.

~ Enjoy!

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