Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Workout strategies

Workout strategies are hard to come by. You really have to just do it.
Time being a limited thing I have turned to body sculpting, and body building techniques.

I know what your thinking...No I don't look like a steroid goon.

Female body builders use their body and resistance, where men use weights to really tear muscle up. I've chosen to go with standard weight training and incorporate some of the techniques the women are using. I have to say it really works. The results are starting to show. I can see abs under all my fat!

Okay, I'm chubby, but the sculpting of the body can be achieved with daily repetition and no more then 10 reps per body part. Honestly - because I only do 10 reps per day it has taken 12 months to see results. Still so few reps and still just sticking with the limited time I have has proven that these pro-women really do know what they are talking about. Also, the heavier lifts that the guys use keeps your body looking in hunky form... Well in my chase it is more chunky.

I'm getting there. - LOL

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