Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm reading!

I decided to go to a book store recently. Yes you know the place like a library but you get to purchase books. I know it is a possibility that the same content is free on the web, though I did not want to search out 100 web sites when every thing might be neatly collected into one volume.

I found a great bargain book.
"The Big Questions - Mathematics" by Tony Crilly.

Just a great read. The book gets to the core of several ideas with out the long winded details and actual calculations. There is enough information to work the theories out your self or simply read the book to get a grasp of concepts old and new and how things are currently viewed through the eyes of math and our world.

If your a Math major, you will hate it for the lack of details. If your an average person like myself, it really is a great source of food for thought and makes you consider alternative ways of thinking about the world around you. I found it to be a refreshing take on life and the science that surrounds us that we may not have really thought about... like phones and travel!

I also put together another PDF / e-magazine for those of you who like the Palladium books game system. It can be found at the following link...
It is created by fans from fan material. Collected nicely for free distribution to other gamers of this declining game system. It is pretty slick despite the many idiosyncratic aspect of the game mechanics it is the most comprehensive and detailed of any I've ever played as a player.

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