Tuesday, August 02, 2011

So what I've been upto...Part Deux

E-mags... yup I've join forces with a few e-mag publishers... Well sort of, I beg them to take me and my work. A whole bunch of folks have told me a suck lately. Who am I to argue with the paying customers. So what I did was grab my nut sack and took a run for the wall... I begged a few folks for another shot and they gave it to me... When it (my Work) appears in e-print I'll post it here. The first is for October, the second in January...We'll see if they love me... or not.

P.S. They (The publishers) don't speak English well so even if they slag me, I'll be able to pretend not to understand and take it as a compliment by saying..."Yhea you too buddy! Thanks!"


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