Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No more Astronauts...

It has taken some time for this to sink in. I mean what are you going to do with all the over educated unemployed nerds of the world????
One person suggested that they start a hockey team for the NHL. With all the head shots happening, those unemployed astronauts are likely going to be down to the normal I.Q. of everyone else by the end of the first season.
You could also have them turn into comic book artist. At least they would have a place to hang out with fellow geeks. That was my suggestion.

I always expected Japan to rule the world with robotics. They might just get their chance in the next 5 years too. Space will be dominated by their tech. Americans clearly have taken a step backwards. Perhaps they finally admit that humans simply can not live in space for long periods of time. Not that the average person needed to be told that.

Radiation, no air, not pressure, no sun, no food.... They better focus on teleporation and robotic drones. That we we can just beam to other places - star gate/ teleportation style.

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