Thursday, April 18, 2013

sealed - digital

I've been really trying to keep the brain busy on mundane things. That means keeping myself sharp and challenged with math skills from old grade 10 text book and even practicing my good old typing skills.

I discovered Wizards had a sealed deck builder in the process. So I decided to give it a try and thought that the main goal is to have a ramp, for a strong 3 drop mid game. Here is what I picked from the pile of my pull.

6 Forest
8 Plains
3 Swamp
1 Dimir Guildgate
2 Armored Transport
1 Basilica Guards
1 Basilica Screecher
1 Crocanura
1 Daring Skyjek
2 Deathcult Rogue
1 Dutiful Thrull
1 Greenside Watcher
1 Scab-Clan Charger
1 Spire Tracer
1 Urbis Protector
1 Zarichi Tiger
1 Gift of Orzhova
1 Holy Mantle
1 Knight Watch
1 Miming Slime
1 Pit Fight
1 Predator's Rapport
1 Smite
1 Verdant Haven

It will not beat a standard deck but it sure will secure 2 wins at least in a local game club sealed event. Pretty fast to play this one too. You get to bombard your opponent until you draw a 5 or six drop to shift the game. Even if you don't make that draw, you still continuously hammer the opponent until you start getting health back through the game and possibly turn the game around.... Just watch out for those "Reckoner" and "Lords of the void". This deck would not last long against any 7 drop creature entering the field.


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