Saturday, April 13, 2013

flood tidal counters for MTG

Long time friend inspired these. He created circular tidal/flood counters for Magic the Gathering years ago - 1990's. They were never produced by MTG back in the day. Since I had a little more time I decided to create these.
What you see here are low -quality versions of the final product that I recreated for old times sake.

These of course are a little like looking at a gambling chip you might see in some casino.

Speaking of Gambling...Since I'm not a high roller, I've only been to a casino 3 times in my entire life and gambled exactly $0.25 cents ever. Slots I tell ya - You have to try.

The lottery on the other hand has been good to me. I'v spend at least $1000 on tickects to date through out my life at random and won more then that back in free plays and Cash. Still most people will tell you that it is a big loss. I'm pretty sure I'm sitting at 45% return on cash though. That is pretty good for spare change in the pocket.

Some times when I need luck the most it happens. I hope I get a great job or a bit of lotto luck soon.

~ Enjoy those tokens!

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